37 Replies to “Day 10 | Everest Base Camp Trek | Cho La Pass”

  1. Gabriela Habeder

    Wow, i just found you guys 1 monath ago and these everestvlogs are just amazing. Well every vlog is amazing. It is to cool what you are doing and how humble you are with a lot of respect for every culture! Maybe you’ll read this maybe not. Keep traveling and having fun!

  2. aka.charlee

    Omgoodness that looked too intense for my taste…glad y'all stayed the night in that lil village Kara you definitely could tell u were trying so hard to hang in there…the horse at the end…lol…cracked me up!! 🙂 BIG HUGS FROM IDAHO

  3. ambitesh gaur

    Nepalis are one of the most courageous people i have ever met. There is extreme poverty but i rarely find any Nepali begging on the street. We need to learn a lot from Nepal on how to be happy with such limited materialistic things. Respect from India.

  4. Sun Flower

    Just now found your vlogs. Totally enjoying how thoroughly you two show and explain everything! You are both delightful!!! Well done! Congratulations on completing the Everest Base Camp trip! Only way I can do it is vicariously through you young, brave people!!

  5. Gas Lamp Adventures

    Sad these trip is coming to an end, but thankfully you have taken us along on your journey. I can not wait to be able to travel there one day.

  6. Owen Maurer

    I wish you would have not cut so quickly from shot to shot. It looked beautiful but a half second view just doesn't do it.

  7. Krishna Aryal

    Im soo happy for u guyz eventhough i frm nepal bt i never got chance to been there n today through ur vlogs i feel it like im also with u guys anyway i really enjoyed this vlog vedioz love it n thanks alot n come agn

  8. Pujan joshi

    Kewl! gonna visit the mountains again starting the Annapurna BC trek after a month and next Everest BC hopefully wish me luck!!

  9. TC W

    I would LOVE to do this but I have severe food allergies and couldn’t eat any of that amazing food y’all have been eating 😭

  10. Ousha Ghurasingh

    I’ll tell you. Nate’s frugal spending was soooooo worth this trip alone. Hahaha. Y’all really were candid and transparent about the EBC experience. So appreciative of this video. The amount of things I’ve watched regarding the EBC and summit climbs…this is up there. Thanks for sharing y’all! I’m truly enjoying all of ur trips so far! Do y’all have a PO Box? I’d like to send u a case of snickers!! Lol

  11. Andrew Flyer

    I sure hope that pen is removable and wipe away clean 🙂
    Only followers will understand this, but snow Leopard prints in the snow. thats impressive !

  12. David Spivey

    Some of the best editing I have ever seen….Nate is a really lucky man to have Kara as his partner. Very entertaining vlog!

  13. Patricia Beninato

    This is absolutely beautiful. There is also ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I'd do this as I am old with crappy balance, so I'll live vicariously through you guys. 😀

  14. FEAR_DOBEY 24

    I don’t mean to sound stupid but what is the difference between reaching Everest base camp and climbing Everest


    which is the best month to cross chola pass after ebc ……..????
    is there any avalanche risk at chola pass or thoughout the trek route …..!!!

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