Travel Safety

The FINAL episode. Covering money safety, food safety, personal and belongings safety while traveling abroad.

This is episode #9 of my step-by-step guide to planning your own trip or travels!!

Ask me questions!! What else do you want to see? Let me know in the comments.

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21 Replies to “Travel Safety”

  1. Jeff

    I've been to many countries and nobody ever tried to rob me.
    It CAN happen yes, but if you look like a tourist you'll obviously be the first target, also don't look like a million bucks especially in poor countries (I've seen so many Canadians/Americans doing this) try to blend in a little more with the crowd/culture and it will reduce your chance of getting robbed A LOT.

  2. Globelink Travel Insurance

    'Try to look, act, and seem like local' is the best tip to prevent thefts. Dressing up plays a huge role here as well, so it is better to look what locals wear before you go and wear in the same manner.

  3. redfish337

    You can never look or act like a local, at least not in the time-spans we're talking about here. Even if you're from a country where you physically look almost exactly the same, you stick out. That's reality. All you can do is simply look like more of a local than the next guy. Or otherwise present yourself as being more trouble to bother with than someone else. Or more trouble to bother with than you're worth. But, you'll still stand out, don't worry about that.

  4. Greg McKnight

    Never in my 19 years of life have i thought about putting valuables (or anything) in my back pockets. Like that's just weird lol.

  5. usroadtripper

    The point of a money belt is not to constantly be in and out of it like a wallet. It is for deep storage of cash/cards/passports so no one will know that you have it. When I was in Europe, I started out the trip with almost €2000 in cash. Each day, I would take about €60 and put it in my purse for the day. If I started to run out of money, I could go to the bathroom and get more out of the money belt. Where else would I have put that much cash? In a purse or backpack that could be snatched? In a wallet that could be pick pocketed? I will never travel abroad without my money belt!

  6. Shawn Jillian

    When i was on a road trip we stopped in New Mexico and stayed at a very cheap motel like $60 a night, there was a bullet hole in our door, hairs in our bed, and illegal things going on at the business across from it. So we decided not to stay anywhere under $70😁

  7. flufferstuff

    Cute video. Any chance you'd get rid of the Black racist ad? Specific places in stores are delegated for special needs, like black hair. Instead of seeing it as a nice thing, because it is giving them a place only for them, the company has chosen to make it seem wrong. Typical Obama racism is now even in advertising.

  8. Your Travel with Olivia

    Great tips Nadine. For added protection when eating in countries where the water quality is questionable, vaccinate yourself with Twinrix for Hepatitis and Dukoral for stomach bugs.

  9. Peter MaaMaa

    Thank you for the valuable info. Keep up the good work 🙂 It helps, especially amateur travelers like us. Love you Nadine <3

  10. Lava Yuki

    I like money belts to store extra back up cash and keep the cash I plan to use in the day in small wallet in the inner pocket of my jacket. In terms of safety, I found countries like Japan, Korea and Singapore to be really safe with hardly any theft or scams

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