WE’RE IN GERMANY – BERLIN FIRST IMPRESSIONS! | Germany Travel Vlog 151, 2018

In Berlin! Our first travel vlog from Germany, sharing our first impressions with a local guide in 2018 ✈ Learn to travel full-time:

We’ve never had the chance to travel to Germany before, every guide or travel blog we read suggested Berlin as the best place to visit! Naturally we made sure to visit, luckily we also have some local knowledge on what to do in Berlin with our friends Laura and Jens who live in Berlin and have been kind enough to guide us on our travel!

Todays vlog is the first from Germany as we explore neighbourhoods most people wouldnt know to travel and likely not on any blog list of the things to do in Berlin.

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37 Replies to “WE’RE IN GERMANY – BERLIN FIRST IMPRESSIONS! | Germany Travel Vlog 151, 2018”

  1. IjeskrewRB MC

    Ive been to Berlin when I was very young, like 6. But i think Berlin is a pretty beautiful city. Unfortunetly, there are some dangerous things happening. Despite that, its a nice city.

  2. Ananda Barham

    Hi just subscribed, we are going to Berlin in August so these vlogs have been helpful, how did you find food prices there ?

  3. Miguel Castillo

    I went to Berlin this summer as well it was beautiful and the people are so nice I’m going to miss the currywurst and seeing all those people on bikes haha

  4. Sanunchons Sangsuvan

    Hi. what is the name of that coffee shop in your video? imma going to Berlin next week. It looks like an awesome place to stop by!

  5. Mark Cranston

    The top 40 European places I have been to in order of quality: 1. Brighton. 2. Amsterdam 3. The Hague. 4. Haarlem 5. Paris 6. Nice 7. Cannes 8. Bordeaux 9 Antwerp 10. Madrid 11 Frankfurt 12. Barcelona. 13. Lisbon. 14. Venice. 15. Rome. 16. London. 17. Pisa. 18. Brussels. 19. Copenhagen. 20. Hamburg. 21. Athens. 22. Loutraki 23. Koroni. 24.Luxembourg 25. Oostende. 26. Leuven. 27. Rotterdam. 28. Koln. 29.Edinburgh 30. Inverness 31. Dublin. 32. Kinsale 33. Killarney. 34. Belfast. 35. Newcastle upon Tyne. 36. Hull 37. Scunthorpe. 38. Calais. 39. The Blaskets 40 Berlin

  6. Elena Neacsu

    Berlin! ❤️❤️❤️ I absolutely love this city! Probably because of the beer (haha) street art, clubs, history and its similarities with some areas from Bucharest, my city (btw. I’ve loved the videos you took in Bucharest)
    Ps. I was never a fan of vlogs and so, but You guys are really cute! 👍

  7. Heiko Joerges

    Don't why so many people are so excited about Berlin (I lived there 12 years, parts my family in total 30 years, with interruptions, between 1936 and 2013 …) . Berlin is: radical left and right wing activists, shooting each other Lebanese in Neukölln, radical feminists, radical ecologists, radicals and fanatics of any kind (and when Germans are radicals: they mean it 100 – 180 %) , amid the usual drug etc scene of any major city … That some foreigners and tourists don`t perceive all this may be because they simply don't speak: German. All kinds of mafias and debatable companies and persons are investing in real estate and chasing away tenants who can't compete with their money laundering businesses. I lived and worked in several areas of Berlin, and: those shown in this film (Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg) are the worst to live in if you know the city well and long enough ( my work in Berlin related to local politics, courts etc btw). "Berlin? Da wirste doch nur noch bekloppter jemacht !"

  8. Leon Erin

    We, are heading over to Berlin on Friday and am so looking forward to our first trip to this city and Germany 🙂


    After travelling for the last four months, we were looking for some impressions from back home (Berlin ❤️) and found your awesome vlog. Great to see, that you liked Berlin so much. 😊

  10. Chiki Hoeppe

    Its very funny when you com from germany and you See this. Es ist wirklich sehr witzig das zu sehen. Greetings from Germany

  11. Draw Delia

    Its funny when you see people walking around germany/berlind and watching as a german person who also lives in germany (im sorry if my gramma is bad but i still have to learn more english in school 😅)

  12. Mitch Kirchner

    This is where i started watching the channel then I caught up to current and went back and watched from the very beginning. Weird order I know but you guys have the best travel vlog I've seen, can't wait to see where this year takes you. hopefully India! Cheers guys!!!

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