Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! The FINAL video of the Tanzania documentary travel series. In this video I climb through bitter temperatures, blizzards and frost bite to Uhuru Peak, the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

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38 Replies to “CLIMBING MOUNT KILIMANJARO | The Summit”

  1. Erik Conover

    FINAL film from my experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania!!! HUGE THANKS to the Kiliwarrior team and Pat for being a YES MAN. Hope everyone's New Year goals are off to a killer start, the best is yet to come!

  2. Butterbrötchen

    I've been there too! I was 16 then, I went with my family. But like 10 minutes after we got to the top, I was feeling really bad. It was the most incredible thing I've ever done! My 'uhuru peak diploma' is still hanging on my wall! Love your video!

  3. tom jens

    which route was that? And is it winter time? Because other 4 climb videos I have seen did not have many (if any) snow. Also is it not exagerated a bit? I read quora post where people who climbed this claimed it is not a difficult clmb and they said people wit hbasic fitness level (which is less than yours) would have no problem climbing (sure altitude and stomach sickness). You make it look as if it was everest. Is it purely for dramatic efect or was you route the most difficult or were you most unlucky climbers? Genuinely curious for the answers from other climbers as well

  4. Nathan Sharp

    I describe altitude sickness as the worst hangover you’ve ever had…and drinking more won’t help. It’s difficult and painful to do anything. Your head pounds, you feel like vomiting, and you have no energy. If you ever take young children on vacation at high elevation and they say they don’t feel good then remember your worst hangover and that’s probably how they feel. Oh yeah, and your fingers tingle like someone is poking them with needles. It’s an awful feeling.

  5. TravelGlamLife

    What was your training routine for two months before you climbed MT Kilimanjaro?:) researching & planning my climb for 2020 In Sha Allah:)

  6. Is-haq Mhfdh

    I first visited your page for the love of houses.., I didn't know I would end up watching you visiting My country and City., I am Proud to be a Tanzanian and I am Happy you made such a trip…, Karibu Tena Tanzania..

  7. - Ben Nu Productions -

    amazing content! watched this and the first video as well..respect for giving the porters the mentions they deserve!

  8. Gaurav Pandey

    Here in India we drive our cars at those heights on a regular base.. khardungla pass more than 17500 feet above sea level..

  9. Apar Pant

    I subscribed your channel as soon as I finished watching this video. I've always dreamed of visiting Mount Kilimanjaro. Seeing your film has given me a strong urge to go and live my dreams.
    Keep making these awesome videos.

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