College Move in Vlog | Elena Taber

I am moving into a new house for this new year of college! This video was super highly requested so I figured I’d document myself moving in and can’t wait to decorate soon as well!
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48 Replies to “College Move in Vlog | Elena Taber”

  1. Teodora

    How do things work in the US? Do you guys pay for these dorm rooms or these houses like rent or it comes when you pay for college ? Arent these expensive? This is luxury living i think

  2. Ana Sofia Martinho

    Everyone Saying like this is such a LITTLE HOUSE. Like, this is actuallly a pretty good size house, there's people living in smaller houses with like 3 kids so yeah. This is actually great

  3. Kiara Madisen

    Your parents are so so cute!! I have been waiting to see this video and so glad I finally had time to watch it! I can't believe you're a senior all ready!! Your aesthetic is just so amazing wow 😍😍 AND YOU HIT 50K!!!!! So proud of you and your channel is just so amazing ❤️

  4. Olivia Shotton

    You and grace should put your beds in the "dining room" and set up your current room as a study/wardrobe

  5. Veni Vidi Amavi

    that bungalow is perfect and no wonder you're older, didn't know you were a senior, that's great cos you're saving money for sure 🙂

  6. Veni Vidi Amavi

    ^;10 is exactly my thoughts too, I want to get rid of more and more, vs the typical view of buying more things as you get older

  7. Mishelle Midz

    Now I know where did you get your eyes. I really like you r eyes you're incredibly pretty even without make up. I adore you a lot, you don't have to wear anything just to be look good. I'm starting to love you channel now.

  8. Lexi Cardwell

    I was wondering why she was filming at such a tall height and the I remembered she’s like six feet looooool

  9. Kimberly Ann Pena

    Sending love from Philippines!! You inspire me a lot!! Glad to have found your channel <3 The content, vibes and aesthetic!! just wow. Very genuine, light and refreshing. <3 <3

  10. Elizabeth Karlos

    I just watched the moving out vlog and then this one and now I’m crying its such a beautiful story and place and such amazing memories

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