Best Day Ever canyoning through the Badian Falls. Kawasan Falls is a must see if you make it to Cebu Philippines. The water is as blue as in the video. Cebu has so many amazing things to see and this was one of the top things we did on our trip around Asia.

Day 122
You have to travel the Philippines!

8 months in Asia:

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My Essential Equipment:
Canon G7X (Vlog Camera)
Panasonic GH4 (Cinematic Camera)
GH4 lens 14-140mm (Best Zoom Range)
Phantom 3 Standard (Drone)
Gear Bag (Drone/Camera/Laptop Backpack)
GoPro Hero 4 Silver (old vlogging camera)

Often Used Extras:
External Hard Drive (2TB for lots of files)
Canon and Panasonic Memory Card
Portrait Lens for GH4
Hero 4 Black (more powerful GoPro)
GorillaPod (tripod for GH4 & G7X)
Backpackers Backpack (Amazing Bag)

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25 Replies to “Kawasan Falls, Cebu – CLIFF JUMPING & CANYONEERING – BEST DAY EVER!”

  1. Annie Saechao

    Check my video for Palawan, I got to visit Elnido and Coron. And the best beach in the world Nacpan Beach

  2. shatoshi331

    i went there this week. I had so much fun :). the water is crystal clear :). and the people was so nice

  3. Outside TV

    This is amazing footage Lost LeBlanc! Your camera skills are fantastic and we think you can showcase them on an even bigger stage! OutsideTV is working with the Adventure Film Festival and started our own Adventure Filmmakers challenge! To compete, create a Campfire channel and post your film here: http://campfire.outsidetv.com/campaignleaders/affchallenge
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  4. Samii Del Valle

    cant wait till we do this in december. are you a chicken farmer? you know alot about Male chickens

  5. Simon Baran

    Went there 1 month ago !! Had the best guide made us do the highest jumps all the way down the mountain and the way the sun shines into the canyon through the trees onto the water is a God Moment !! LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT !! I WILL DEF GO BACK AGAIN !!

  6. Dimet Rio

    I enjoyed the first 2 hours of my canyoneering there in Kawasan until I jumped their 30-40 ft. falls 08:20 and sustained a spine fracture.. I was brought to chong Hua hospital in Cebu City and the doctors were not even shocked to learned that I was from jumping off that cliff because they said almost weekly, there's one or two tourists who visit them with the same injury I had..Everything changed since then.. It's ok to enjoy but be sure to take care of yourself.. I'm taking my recovery now, but now I'm restricted to do strenuous and lifting activities plus the fun of having my simple pleasures of adventurous travels.. I'm here to make an awareness to make everyone knows the danger of that cliff..I'm a healthy 29 years old by the way when I got there..

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