I reached out on my social media and asked for questions related to travel and answered them in my first Q&A video.

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21 Replies to “TRAVEL Q&A”

  1. Matthew Stanton

    Valuable information! Looking forward to your awesome adventures, Steph. Thank you for the great Q & A + Positive Vibes!!

  2. eunice x

    I agree with the different vibe/ culture/ differences of a different country and navigating your way using an entirely different language part 💁🏻❤️ I was like “yep, yes, oh yea!!!…” the whole time!! #canrelate

  3. Sudha in Interstellar

    I was looking for this kinda video. this is the best informative video about travel I have watched on YouTube. I really appreciate you to continue to do more of this Q&A on travel, this is better than BBC Travel Q&A, I think, so many questions you patiently answered. I wish that you will goto the moon. thank you so much @stephtaylor. happy exploring!

  4. Earl Lavender

    Another stellar video Steph. Great questions with excellent and informative answers. Many of which I have wondered about myself. Thanks for the quality content you produce and provide for us!!!

  5. asha velani

    Thank you sooo much for sharing ur travel experiences, i will most def look into the apps u mentioned. Thnk u all for asking those questions loved this vlog, hope there will be more to come 😊

  6. SuperFro

    I always feel like I Learn something new from you even in a Q&A thank you for the info and doing the Q&A
    . You rock Steph. Thank you for being you.

  7. Thomas Montella

    I think this is the best review travel program around👌👌⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️❤️great job Steph🍷🍷

  8. Alexis Cole

    17th!!! 😏 thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! A lot of time we see a travel vloggers journey, but not necessarily the steps it takes, or the process of getting there. You’re the best😊♥️

  9. Living Theosophy

    Well done Sweet Steph! Slick edits, fantastic presentation, very informative and professional ~ and always leaps and bounds in evolution of STL! We love you and are so proud of you Xxxx

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