ADVANCED SELFIE CHALLENGE: Small Town Photography (Mastering The Art Of The Self Portrait)

ADVANCED SELFIE CHALLENGE: Small Town Photography (Mastering The Art Of The Self Portrait)

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Round three of my Advanced Selfie challenge, this time coming to you with the photographs from a small country village.

Sometimes after living in the same spot for a while, we look through tired eyes at the area we live in and we stop seeing the beauty around us. This can be difficult then to pick up a camera and photograph there, however there is ALWAYS beauty everywhere. You’ll be able to find a beautiful location anywhere you are to photograph.

So pick up your camera and get shooting. No excuses. There is art to be created.

Here is the link to my previous Advanced Selfie Challenge where I was in a Tiny Room and created 7 Advanced Selfies in there:

And my Heartbreak Advanced Selfie Challenge:

I’m excited what came out of these advanced selfies. Please let me know which shot is your favourite!

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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Here is the link of equipment I use:
MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –
Big Vlogging Camera:
Main Big Camera:
Big Sigma Lens:
Converter for Sigma Lens To Sony:
Gorilla Tripod:
Small Vlogging camera:

Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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49 Replies to “ADVANCED SELFIE CHALLENGE: Small Town Photography (Mastering The Art Of The Self Portrait)”

  1. Tatiana Mieczkowska

    Pine cones in polish are szyszki not as you said szaszłyki. Szaszłyki is a dish (vegetables and meat on the wooden stick).

  2. Roselena Veragova

    Sorelle, I hope you read this but you have made a difference for me. I've been trying to tap into my child-like self to re-explore/find the creativity and imagination we loose as we grow up. Finding you at the perfect timing in my life has been a blessing !

  3. Dezzydaze

    1. Were you able to view yourself while taking the photos?
    2. What lens did you use? Were you using a camera or cell phone for these photos?
    I hope to her an answer from you. Thanks!

  4. Annie Ngo

    I’d love to see a challenge with only a certain color palette that may or may not go together! Btw I love your vids!❤️

  5. Thao Nguyen

    I just discovered your videos but they are so creative and beautiful. 🙂 Your personality is also beautiful and refreahing. I am officially a fan of yours.

  6. Martina Cloie Rodolfo

    I know this is a little late but after watching your Heartbreak advance selfie challenge, I was hoping you'd make one for each "core" emotion, happiness, anger, and fear. You can specify it like how you did with sadness. It would be interesting how you'd portray emotions especially fear and anger 🙂

  7. Alisa Miettinen

    Woooow i loved this! I really loved the leaf shadow picture (hope u get what i mean.) When u were excited about the green door and u through the pines cones i though if u could take photos with a timer and then they would have like been "levitatin around you"? Thought it might be cool ^^ thanks for the video as always :3

  8. Jason Underwood

    What are you using to take the shot? A timer? Wireless trigger? Interested in doing something similar and was wondering how. They look like someone else was there framing the shot and took it. Keep up the good work. Thanks in advance.

  9. Yoko Nono


  10. Céline Ruiz

    I love your pictures and how you edit it !!! I can’t make choice when I look your pictures I’m like “daaaamn this is so good!”

    Have you planned to do mobile preset ?

    Thanks ! Xoxo

  11. Palo Santo

    Szaszłyki 😂😂😂 you actually said shashliks in polish, these are "szyszki" 😅
    You have an incredible talent and such a skill in photography!

  12. Lauren Poscoliero

    That was a sheet and a pillowcase?!??! Mind=blown!! I thought these were the high end fashion pieces you were talking about? ((Or was that a little insider joke?)) 👊🤘👍👍👍🤙

  13. queeddity

    The color contrast!!! My fave's the book photo and the green background. I'd definitely come back once I got a professional camera so I could steal your presets. But really, your creativity is over the roof. <3

  14. Ale

    I goddamn love the fact that you MADE A SKIRT OUT OF A SHEET… AND PUT A BELT ON IT!!!!! My God so inspiring!!!!!!!

  15. colourfuljamie

    Fav ones where those in front of the green door :3 – I'm from Germany btw and I am super inspired now! Thanks!

  16. Rebekka Spiller

    I just came across your channel – you are seriously so cool haha and sooo talented! Thank you for the inspiration <3

  17. Ben Howard

    I like the hipster AF preset, but not familiar with downloading preset to lightroom. I think my favorite photo was either the 3rd one in front of the green door with half your face in shadow, or the one with the branch behind you. Oh and I would like to see a levitation selfie challenge!

  18. TruthOrClaire

    Amazed not only at how beautiful your photos were but how amazing you made bedding look as clothes. Haha.

  19. Julie Mansfeldt

    your videos are always a perfect length! not to loooong (would get boring) and not to short for you to make your point and share your message

  20. zeinab ismail

    sorrelle can you make a video about the tripod how to put it…bla bla bla ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

  21. Karen Rogers

    I really enjoy ur vids and acknowledge all the info u put it out. But is ur intro done in the dark or dark lighting?

  22. Emi

    Im Polish and have been a fan for what feels like forever! today I watched this bc I guess I missed a notification and I literally SCREAMED out loud when I heard you speak Polish

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