10 Beauty Hacks I ACTUALLY Use!

Thank you so much for watching, I really hope you are as excited as I am for this new year! Can’t wait to switch some things up for you. xx
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31 Replies to “10 Beauty Hacks I ACTUALLY Use!”

  1. Prestige Pets

    Hi! Just for every one ( great vid btw) for those with oily skin, try cutting up apples, cherries, grapes or papaya and placing on your skin. They work as an exfoliant by kinda eating dead skin but they don'' t activate oil gland!!

  2. Sadia Khan

    I'm from bangladesh, and in our country we use coconut oil to moisturize our hair.. Well, moms and grandmas tells us to apply coconut oil on hair minimum 3 days in a week,,, ah…. Well, it actually coconut oil helps us to get rid of damage and grow hair.. In our country coconut oil is liquid, and its on bottle and it becomes hard on winter.. I apply the oil at night and wash off in the morning.

  3. Adel Papp

    5:43 I do this every morning andmy skin is like baby skin😂🤣 sorry for the bad english.(my languages is not english🤣😅)

  4. Tamara´s ScissorHands

    Great job 👍👍

    Could you have a brief response to our video and let me know what you first thought as I think you could have an eye for it

  5. Caroline Bull

    obviously this doesn't happen to you because you have perfect skin and look beautiful but for some people using coconut oil can really make you break out so anyone else be careful please!

  6. Elizas Grammy

    Another tip for nice, full lashes is to begin with a white lash primer. L'Oreal makes a great one! It finds and singles out even the tiniest lash hairs, top and bottom lids, and prepares them for an even coat of mascara. Great finished result!

  7. Liss Gamer

    1. Coconut oil doesn't work you can tell it just spreads it over your face
    2.ok…who doesn't do this I will give you the point
    3.why don't you just put it in your mouth
    4.ok I'll give you it
    5.why don't you put the brush in a jar with hot water and shampoo
    6.Thats what all beauty gurus say

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