Day 1 in Buenos Aires | EMPANADAS!

We arrived in Buenos Aires and went straight to our AirBnB to take a nap. Then we had the most delicious empanadas for dinner!

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***TRAVEL VLOG 275***
Song by Andrew Applepie: Call Me

WHO ARE KARA AND NATE?! – We decided to take a year off to travel the world in January 2016. Daily vlogging was not the original plan, but we quickly fell in love with it and now post a video of what we do every day! About halfway through the year, we knew we weren’t going to be ready to stop traveling in December, so now we have a new goal of visiting 100 countries before 2019! On our channel you can expect to see the best foods and adventures of every country we visit 😉
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42 Replies to “Day 1 in Buenos Aires | EMPANADAS!”

  1. Cindyrella

    You guys are so adorable! I came across your videos while looking for places to eat in Buenos Aires. Can't wait to watch the rest of your videos! And I'm sure Nate gets this all the time, but he seriously looks like Cristiano Ronaldo.

  2. Daniel Wallingre

    en el minuto 7. Aparece una bicicleta en el fondo de la toma… es una tipica costumbre en las rotiserìas argentinas.

  3. Mr Gus

    I like the intimacy small cameras facilitate. If the price is a little shaking, I can live. I guess the challenge is to know when to use all the new gear and when not to.

  4. Rene J.Varghese

    Dear Kara and Nate…
    I just love watching you guys and my passion to travel has increased…

  5. Fox Purtill

    I know I'm a year behind here… but there is a waist belt for the gimbal arm that has 3 models… 1 clip in the front, and a pouch in the side you has put the camera to film stealthy… 2 has several fast release clip places on the belt… 3 is pricey but has a track on the belt… want to go VERY high tech I have seen one with a harness for a drone.

  6. Travel Adventures With Amanda

    One of my favorite foods of all time, empanadas, Spanish food for sure is top on my list

  7. FireCracker3240

    EMPANADAS! I want the EMPANADAS! LOVE them. Is there any way I can transport them from my computer screen? I don't know, maybe open a portal so I can reach in and grab them? * Drool *

  8. frances fritticci

    Thank you guys for always trying to get better but my book you guys are perfect your just good face it

  9. aka.charlee

    Yay for travel vlog 1 of 2017…I'm getting closer to catching up on the vlogs… 😊 nice equipment..I'm jealous 😆 BIG HUGS FROM IDAHO!

  10. Brooke Duncan

    I live in argentina and am so glad that you guys could come and see a little bit of the beautiful country.

  11. Julie Annelisse Hyland

    Those big orange and white buses you filmed at the beginning to the video- those are the school buses of Argentina. They usually take us students to other-school matches and often to sports fields and other activities ✌🏻

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