LARGEST WOODEN PIER IN EUROPE! Sopot Beach Day from Gdansk | Poland Travel Vlog

The Polish seaside town of Sopot is home to the largest wooden pier in Europe, famous in Poland! The train from Gdansk to Sopot… ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

If you’re looking for things to do in Poland don’t miss Sopot! Sopot is a stunning spot by the Polish seaside, a quick train ride away from Gdansk and is well worth the visit. It’s also home to the largest wooden pier in Europe, the Sopot Pier.

The Sopot beach and water isn’t necessarily stunning, but the atmosphere in the little beach town is something you need to experience. Poland is a welcoming place with so much variety, even the difference from Gdansk to Sopot is night and day – as you can sort of pick up from our response in the travel vlog.

The pier isn’t the largest in Europe in total, but the wooden element is the key point – there’s no larger piers built our of wood specifically. Something we didn’t expect to find in Poland either way.

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38 Replies to “LARGEST WOODEN PIER IN EUROPE! Sopot Beach Day from Gdansk | Poland Travel Vlog”

  1. staywithme

    A spa town is a town that provides natural resources or a climate beneficial to the health. Basically, it's a town where you can chill, get health therapy etc. (sea minerals
    + beer? hehe)

  2. Karol Makurat

    Spot town is something like party town…:) Sopot in this way on the middle vacation is horrible, to many people, to many…:)

  3. kasper davies

    Sopot is the bee's knees, love it there just been there for the third time with the fam, and BTW the pier is the longest in Europe.

  4. Andrew Flyer

    Beginning to enjoy our work guys, its always interesting and enjoyable. The Naval Ships in the distance and the aircraft over head were rehearsing for commemorations of the Polish Navy. Gdansk was the location of the first Nazi attacked of WW2 at 04:45am Ist September 1939. Massive monument to this at Westerplatte. Hours later, Britain was at war with Germany. Cool pier.

  5. labbel456

    Just to be clear. The guy in 9:25 didn't mean to be offensive or anything. This sign isn't the same here in Poland as it is in UK 🙂

  6. Nina Kardaś

    I go to school in Sopot (i live in Gdynia) and it was very interesting to see it from other perspective. Glad you liked it!

  7. Phånk One

    Could you please help me with the tune at the end of the video?
    I would really appreciate it.
    Great video by the way, I definitely have to see Poland some day!
    Greetings from Denmark.

  8. Stars of the Streets

    That girl is so beautiful! you're a very lucky man 😉 much love from Poland, you guys are awesome!

  9. GeniusLoci1970

    Everyone who goes to Poland chooses Kraków or Warsaw. I think it is a big mistake. They are predictable cities.
    It's better to see less known places. It's worth to see the Tricity (Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia). Gdańsk is famous for Dutch architecture. If you go to Amsterdam you will have the feeling that you know this place from somewhere. Specific dejavu.
    Sopot is a beautiful resort with Art Nouveau architecture.
    Gdynia is a Art Deco city that was established in the village and it was built in a very short time. It is said that buildings were built faster than American building in the 1930s. It is the largest Art Deco site in Europe. There are a lot of Art Deco buildings in Europe, but they are seals/plug. Nowhere else in Europe there are so many Art Deco buildings in one place (one next to the other).
    A similar place (with quantity of art deco buildings in one place) can be found only in Australia or Bombay city in India.
    It is worth going to the east of Poland to see the beautiful, wild nature and follow in the footsteps of the Polish Tatars. I recommend to see cities: Zamość, Przemyśl or Szczecin.
    These are not standard and obvious places.
    Kindest regards

  10. Halcro Johnston

    I spent a few short weeks in Sopot and Gdansk around the turn of the century, but sadly the weather wasn't as good as yours. The Baltic was starting to freeze over for a start! I was with some others working at the National Music Theatre of Poland which is near the beach in Gdansk. We were put up in a hotel in Sopot, so rather the opposite of you, but we did brave the elements on our days off to walk out on the pier.

  11. Bugaran

    There's a cool cycling infrastructure in Gdańsk and Sopot. Gdynia lacks a bit but cycling in TriCity is quite efficient specially with a straight lane between piers in Sopot to pier in Brzeźno

  12. Bartosz Goslinski

    Guys, I think the Polish Tourism Organisation should pay you for these videos about Poland. This is the best "commercial" about my homeland I've ever seen. Cheers from Berlin, B.

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