Three YEARS of Travel

3 YEARS of travel.


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main song (5:09 & 21:09) – This is What I Live For by Graffiti Ghosts
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first song (0:01) – Stand Alone by Generdyn ft. Zayde Wif
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humming song (1:23 & 3:12) hmm by MAVAA
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dreams song (1:37) To the Stars by C5
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great song (2:28) Shake it Up by Will Champlin, Musicbed
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epic song (4:48 & 17:19 & 20:34) Arise by KAINA
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travel song (5:37 & 6:20 & 19:05) Keep Walking by Rodrigo Vicente, Provided by Audio Library

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nostalgic song (7:37) Rooftop by Weyumi, Audio Library

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in love song (8:19 & 9:13) TBT by Johnny Stimson
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sad song (8:36) No I Won’t by Bradford Nyght
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great news song (9:02) Paraclet by Amarià
Paraclet by Amarià
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Spanish song (9:56) Busca el Amor by Kazura, Vlog No Copyright
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USA song (10:43) Fire to the Night by Native 51
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Dubai song (10:53) Stronger by Omar Varela & Xavi & Gi ft. Miss Lina
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dreamy song (11:04) Calm Skies (Xen x TRVPSIS remix) by Zyx
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happy song (12:05 & 12:55) Departure by DayFox (Vlog No Copyright)
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pensive song (12:21 & 19:51) The Journey by Nomyn
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Shibuya song (12:42) Universe by Ezgod & Tanjent [NCS Release]
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lively song (14:15) Heart by Ehrling (Vlog No Copyright)
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China song (15:45) Flamakae by Sad Puppy
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cello song (17:05) Dark Side by Rival

laugh song (6:11) Future Hit by Louis II
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35 Replies to “Three YEARS of Travel”

  1. Amir Abdollah

    Thank you for sharing, even though I'm probably twice your age but i clearly understand everything you said, however, i traveled in a different way from yours but i truly enjoyed every minute, now i have a place in China and planning to have is my base and from there travel all over Asia , I was born in Egypt and let it long time ago and went only to see my parents. I have to say China by far is a place you can spend a life time to explore and never get bored. now i'm living in Canada and just returned from China after couple of month vacation. so anytime you come Canada get in touch my wife an I will be happy to meet you.

  2. Souraj Paul

    one of your greatest video ever Jordan ! From the very first day to till day , you cover everything with very gorgeous way . VERY NICE.

  3. said kaci

    Wow this is so wonderful, I don't have words to describe how that experience is amazing and very inspiring. that's a dream that you make real. All i want is just one day i will have a great opportunity, and also a courage to leave everything and to make a travel like that !!!!

  4. alanOHALAN

    I wonder which church did you grow up in. But I am glad you learned proper English. Now tell us about your modeling experience, eh?-)

  5. Traveling On a Shoestring

    What a stunning video. Your cinamotography skill is just breathtaking.
    Also a travel vlogger and not to your level yet but will be. It us about learning right?
    Lol, and I travel with my husband and three kids so probably less cute swimsuit shots.
    Still awesome though

  6. seedoo34

    Hi Jordan , I lived in Egypt too for some time, I agree with you, it’s a place that have soul, you feel This country is a human being that your heart can break if you are apart from him/her. Don’t know but maybe it’s something about it’s rich history or the amazing people there where you find them smiling even in their hard times. Good luck with your journeys, you are an inspiration yourself.

  7. Nart Lambaz

    Must say that you have one of if not the best travel channels online. Love you're approach to things. Simple and passionate. Keep up the good work. Love you

  8. atheistbanerjee008

    jordan, you are such a great person. you left so called "american dream", a stereotype life in ivory tower !!
    and obviously livio has left his job for you!!
    Egypt is favourite country of mine too…

  9. Michael Washington

    You made the great escape,do you know how much time that takes?We often wonder if this was the right made a decision to listen to your voice.if right or wrong do what you want to do and continue to stay strong.M.

  10. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    After all what Jordan has been through, this is clearly All Mighty God's Devine Intervention at Best, shinning upon a star. She had crossed continents the world over, cultural barriers, gender barriers and language barriers and against all odds, she had achieved her dreams, becoming a success in life, achieving happiness and uncommon freedom. She is very rare and to say the least, very unusual intelligence wise, creativity wise and energy wise. For this and for being so clean, so pristine, so simple, so humble and so spiritual in her heart, mind, soul, and spirit, the world and All Might God are very proud of Jordan.

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