Budgeting gives you control over your money. In this video, I talk about how to make a budget designed for travel using my three phase method. I’ve applied these skills in my own life and I’ve been able to travel on a regular basis because of these principles.

My Favorite Budget Tool:

Much of my inspiration is drawn from Dave Ramsey. For more details on how to become debt-free and start your road to financial freedom, I highly recommend his book, Total Money Makeover. I read this book 6 years ago, cover to cover on an airplane, and landed with a fire lit under my bum to get out of debt.

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  1. Lou

    Great stuff as always, Steph. Also, I put ALL my expenses on a Cash Rewards credit card. Necessities have to be paid anyway, so you may as well get some of that $$ back at the end of the month. Plus it’s just easier to pay one bill.

  2. Kiffaer Long

    Great practical information! You’re right, it’s got to be done something like this. That first month when you’re figuring out how much you’re spending, it’s important to spend normally. That way you’ll know what you can cut or reduce.

  3. Thomas Montella

    He is on at 300pm on AM 1150 if you like to listen to him👍❤️oh and my apologies you know what i mean this box has me crazy

  4. Thomas Montella

    I take care of mom and dad as they are 88 and 80 someone has to and i am single with 0 kids my wife passed 12 years ago

  5. Tracey Huff

    Amazing. Very good information and very well done. Your editing skills are on point. Thanks for the awesome videos.

  6. Michael Sylvester

    Hi Steph,

    I really enjoyed this helpful tips .
    Oh thanks for the bloopers at the end.
    Thanks for sharing.🤣😃

  7. EatMeatSleepRinseN Repeat

    I started paying cash for almost all spending. Really helps save money. Using plastic has a way of being a bit “out of sight out of mind”, that is, until you check your statements. Cash is definitely more difficult to spend in excess when it’s in your face; helps cut random spending. Then, just drop your loose coins into a jar at home. 😎.

  8. David Dahl

    I often get the itch to buy something I want but don't need, so I'll resist the urge to make a compulsive purchase. If a week goes by and I still feel the same way about whatever it is then I'll buy it, but usually my sense kicks in and I realize I don't need whatever it is.

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