Confused Creator or Artist? Unlock The Secret Weapon for Creating Art Successfully

Confused Creator or Artist? Unlock The Secret Weapon for Creating Art Successfully

MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –

I hope you enjoy this video talking about the 5 Buckets of Content. This concept will blow your mind (maybe) on how easy it is for you to finally figure out what you want to be talking about with your content creation, what kind of art to create or even what kind of music to create.

This is a solid concept and it helped me massively and the few people I’ve told, it’s changed their game completely. I really hope it helps you too!

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –
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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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37 Replies to “Confused Creator or Artist? Unlock The Secret Weapon for Creating Art Successfully”

  1. Landry Sims

    THANK. YOU. SORELLE!!! I have been stuck in major paralysis by analysis mode because I thought I needed to have every single thing thought out and my niche figured out before I attempt to begin my channel. You rock, this video rocks, thank you so much. Time to get to work.

  2. antonia nillan

    Your personality is great. Your contents are what I'm looking for. Subscribe immediately. And not forget to give a little punch to that tiny notification bell.

  3. Mike Davies

    God! Your are so much fun… I don't think I could stop smiling if I was around you! Such energy and good vibes! I love your spunk and enthusiasm! I cant even imagine why you ever had any guy tell you that you were too much…. Maybe he wasn't enough! ha ha

  4. Franziska Lehner

    i know it sorelle changed the background intentionally so often but am i the only who makes this nervous?

  5. ItsGloryO

    This is legit some of the most valuable content I've seen on Youtube. I think it's something a lot of people don't understand or feel the need to share! I was just about to give up on my channel because picking one thing to do is and always has been my struggle. This is gold! Thank you Sorelle! I'll start to test things out 🙂

  6. Dan Kron

    Instant subscriber! I loved the tips!!! definitely point me on a direction where i can see a path to possible success, obviously it takes a lot of hard work to get to where you are with half a million subscribers, but everyone needs to start somewhere and thats a very good way to do it…. thank you for sharing… Ps.: love your smile…

  7. Jackie Rose

    Thanks for the info Sorelle!! Love it and very useful!! YT at the beginning is so much of trial and error, you're bang on. I started doing travel vlogs in MX and haven't noticed any traction there but yeah I think evergreen content is so much more useful. I mean, do people really wanna watch others travel? probably not. People want TO TRAVEL! But anyways, I'm still finding my way. Hopefully one day i'll meet you! Much love, Jackie

  8. Marie

    How didn't you burn your feet?😱 It's freaking hot🔥…I live in Las Vegas and I just can't go outside barefoot

  9. Ron B

    Sent here by Cody Wanner. Found your videos very, very informative and highly recommended by other YouTubers. So I Subscribed. Keep it up! 🙂

  10. mamafatcakes

    One of my absolute favorite things about this channel besides the content itself is that you don’t edit out the laughter. Sorelle has such a great personality and a contagious laugh and I can’t help bu my smile a bit, and not editing out the laughter is just awesome

  11. Angela Sowten

    So glad you have “ curbed your enthusiasm “ a bit ( no offence please). I am a huge fan. You are a guru Sorelle, your teachings are real and we know it. Congrats for making it to TIFF ( sorry I missed you) hope you enjoyed my city.

  12. DrTones24k

    We need to get you a Sony a7riii so you don’t overheat! (Ok… maybe in 120f it might… BUT THE BATTERY SIZE IS AMAZBALLZ!)

  13. BaileysBucketlist

    This is inspirational, really. I have trouble creating my content but have started making dorky videos. I think I am on the path. I tried a few things and really didn't vibe with it, but I am getting closer!

  14. ahmed mohy

    wo0o0o0o0ow , you are just amazing ❤️
    i just came across your videos ,
    i can't describe how much i love your energy , so entertaining & unique

  15. Out On A Limb

    Just love you…. I actually already had this plan…but you put some information out there that I didn't know.. (time span)….thanks….you're the best…..

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