IS PHUKET FOOD GOOD? | Old Town Food Tour x A Chefs Tour | Thailand Travel Vlog

Thai food tour, Phuket style ❤️The food of Thailand is so varied, todays vlog started in the Old Town as we travel to…✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Enormous food tour! With only a few days in Phuket we knew we wanted to see see as much as possible, understand why Phuket has become this food mecca in Thailand and obviously taste as much as possible. Visiting the Phuket Old Town Market seemed like a good start.

Thai food is so much more than Pad Thai and A Chefs Tour showed us that’s not always the best food option either, depending on your taste of course – Chinese, Malay and Burmese food influence the food of Thailand and Phuket so much, so in this vlog we spend 5 hours learning and tasting it all!

Safe to say there was enough food to last 4 and a half days worth of eating haha.

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23 Replies to “IS PHUKET FOOD GOOD? | Old Town Food Tour x A Chefs Tour | Thailand Travel Vlog”

  1. Rebel Slater

    Food tour looks great. I did watch another YouTube couple do the same one last month though. Different perspectives though and I can’t get enough of food vids.

  2. Angie Evans

    Apparently, according to the internets the purple colour comes from the dark unpolished bran from the rice that leaches into the white part of the rice. You can buy it by the bag to make it at home but I don't think you will 😀

  3. Psychphüq

    I don't think I'd have the attention span, let-alone the stomach for 5 hours of food tour…
    Dane eating fish organ curry reminded me of Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam" fish ball soup…

  4. Rex Waldron

    That was pretty amazing guys – so much variety on offer. Authentic locations too so this was a classic D & S vlog 🙂 We love the vermicelli noodles and nowhere better than the fabulous Bar B Q Chinese restaurant on Park Street in Kolkata. Fortunately we have an excellent take away near us at home whose Singapore Fried Noodles are delicious too!

  5. April May

    Great vid as always ;))
    the sticky rice and banana inside that you had it’s purple becuase of it’s the color of rice. In thai we call this type of rice as “ข้าวก่ำ or ข้าวเหนียวดำ or black sticky rice” it is a natural color.

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