Floating Tiny Cabin is Perfect for Glamping on the Water

Bonnie’s new floating tiny house is a vision of extreme minimalism. It was designed for people who want to experience living with the bare necessities for a short period of time, and who want to enjoy the peacefulness of a quiet retreat on the water.

You can check out The River Zen cabin in Wakefield Quebec! More information available here:

Bonnie also rents out The River Den, a bigger houseboat, which is also currently our most popular video of all time. Take a tour here:

And check it out on Airbnb here:

The River Zen is an 8’x10′ micro cabin built on pontoons that can freeze into the ice in winter, making it a 4-season cabin. It’s heated with a Martin propane heater, and there are 2 propane tanks on the bank with a double regulator.

The cabin is completely off-grid so it has no electricity, only battery- and solar-powered lights.

For cooking, there is an outdoor box with a butane camping stove, dishes, and fresh water.

The bed is a foam mattress that is secured to the wall using bungee cords to keep it out of the way during the day, and the seating area has Thai yoga massage mats and a drop leaf table.

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Mat & Danielle


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39 Replies to “Floating Tiny Cabin is Perfect for Glamping on the Water”

  1. John Doe

    I don't think this is luxury/glamour style camping. Its pretty basic camping, a book, a light, a bed. Even in theory, if you attempted to put a lot of homey things inside trying to modernize it, or a toilet just isn't enough space overall. It will probably always be 4 walls and a cot, maybe a book shelf, or a cabinet to store blanket etc. inside.

  2. Yarcofin

    She basically admits it's not feasible to stay in it for more than a night lol. There's nothing sustainable or practical about this… it's just hipsterdom taken to the extreme. Sad because with a little more material and square footage it could have actually been a functional tiny home.

  3. Kathleen Anne

    Not Glamping by any understanding of the word, but I would stay there very happily. My suggestion would be to enclose the kitchen area with tough old school canvas tenting material with zips so that it could be rolled up in sections or completely when weather permits.

  4. Allen Hare

    Thanks for another nice video.
    Bonnie seems like an amazing gal.
    The cabin is a bit sparse for my taste, but might be manageable for a weekend.
    Happy Camping

  5. Ron Smith

    Solar generator, led rechargeable headlamp, single portable induction cooktop, dometic fridge, kitchen kit …. A weeks stay easy bar /floods or random weather events
    Nice retreat

  6. HayleyTief

    I like the fact that Bonnie got to experiment and build her vision, but I couldn't see myself staying in this houseboat. There are too little features for me to really consider it a "houseboat" in the first place. Cute, but not functional. I can see how she might take what she learned from this project to make something more functional though!

  7. Steve Schwartz

    Why not just use linseed oil? Also what furniture layout? It’s a mattress on the floor. Little too hipster to even be practical. A taste of simply would be a small fridge, maybe a source of clean water?

  8. jocelyne langis

    Minimalist but very inviting for reflexion, meditation, an off grid experience that we probably all need in our live, almost once. Great filming and according music perfect invitation. Thanks

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