I Try Eating Like An Olympian For A Day

I consulted some of the Olympians at the 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympic Games on what they eat in a day/what the typical olympic athletes diet consists of so that I could try to eat like an olympian for a day.
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Breakfast: Katherine Reutter’s “Special Oatmeal”
1 apple
2 dates
2 figs
coconut shreds

Lunch: Justin Olsen’s “Mush”:
lots of broccolli
lots of chicken

Jamie Greubel Poser’s Dinner:
Ground turkey

Athletes featured:
Ashley Caldwell – Freestyle Skiing –
Kikkan Randall – Cross-Country Skiing –
Jamie Greubel Poser – Bobsled –
Katherine Reutter – Speed Skating –
Brittany Bowe – Speed Skating –
Elana Meyers Taylor – Bobsled –
Mikaela Shiffrin – Alpine Skiing –

John-Henry Krueger – Speed Skating –
Joey Mantia – Speed Skating –
Justin Olsen – Bobsled –
Lowell Bailey – Biathlon –
Steven Nyman – Alpine Skiing –
KC Boutiette – Speed Skating –

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49 Replies to “I Try Eating Like An Olympian For A Day”

  1. 1Misswade

    They don't even eat like this they have a fully stocked cafiteria and have free food don't have cooking facilities in the village . Soo ?

  2. memes are my life

    3:54 That’s hOw you know she’s white. WHERE IS THE SEASONING JESUS. Sorry to anyone if you took offensive but not even salt

  3. Jennifer Chamblin

    I just made that lunch and my broccoli to chicken ratio was a bit off but I like it!! I am also going to try that dinner because I love ground turkey. Thanks for the ideas!! 😊

  4. Kailah Burnett-Quiles

    I drink my veggies for the day. I make a smoothie in the morning with spinach, blueberries, and bananas with natural protein powder.

  5. Brita Halder

    For some reason I thought the Olympians meant the Greek gods from the Percy Jackson series😶😶😶

  6. Dargo The Dude

    I'm sorry but I must correct you never add solids to a food proceser while it's running the port is for liquids only

  7. Bianca

    I don’t know why they don’t add some herbs or spices, it seems like a common occurrence having bland food. Makes it hard to be healthy

  8. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Can someone answer me this? Did she just put in raw broccoli or was it boiled? I want to try and make this and I dont want to mess this upi

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