2018 MONTHLY CHIANG MAI COST OF LIVING – NIMMAN COSTS | Digital Nomad Vlog 127, 2018

Chiang Mai cost of living 2018 Nimman edition. Heres our living costs for a digital nomad to live in Chang Mai ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

Cost of living in Chiang Mai is incredible, we spent a few months in early 2018 in the Nimman area keeping track of all our costs to live. This video is a full open book for potential digital nomads or if you just want to visit Chiangmai in the future – it’s a great spot either way!

Our cost of living videos always break down the costs by different category, we then reveal the full Chiangmai costs at the end.

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47 Replies to “2018 MONTHLY CHIANG MAI COST OF LIVING – NIMMAN COSTS | Digital Nomad Vlog 127, 2018”

  1. Here,s Harv

    Great info Dane, Q? I want to take my 19 yr old daughter on a O/S trip out of Brisbane. Is there somewhere that would come to your mind as a place you have been. I hate long flights and am thinking beaches. I am leaning to Indo? or Phillipines? Thought you might know somewhere, we both love the beach and a beer 🙂

  2. Me

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 [avid fan from the PH – impressed with how you can keep everything at bay, most especially H20, LOL on the whopping $3]

  3. The Running Fish

    Very decent video with realistic info, thank you! I prefer cost of living video with normal living standard (similar to what regular people do at home) instead of very low budget or luxury.

  4. Jason Stemley

    Please excuse my ignorance but what does travel experience include and should I look for when shopping for one? Also thanks for your channel. You're doing a great job.

  5. Keri Hansen

    This was a very informative vlog. Thanks team! Goddamn it's so cheap to live there. Woo! Can't wait till we finally move!!! 🙂

  6. William Sharpe

    I have watched both video's Chiang Mai and the Philippine's of the two which one is most livable as well as affordable in your opinion?

  7. Dinesh Madhavan

    This was very informative, loved watching all your videos on Chiang Mai,looking forward to your experiences in Indonesia…..Best Wishes.

  8. patnya bangkok

    is these prices in usa $ or aus $ , maybe better if you give prices in thai baht for people to convert themselves to get a better idea of cost, good video and info, thanks.

  9. Steve H

    Thanks so much… Kiwi here, Auckland… heading to Chiang Mai for a month in May and then a month in Bali, then looking at spending some time in India. I love the idea of slow travel so I just decided to do it… booked flights that take me up until basically September… just gonna show up and look for accomodation when I get there I'm thinking

  10. MrSafetyForever

    With the high season and drop in USD to Baht it was still an amazing price to stay in paradise! Take Care

  11. Paul Gattuso

    What doosh bag gave this guy a thumbs down?This guy is a gentleman with a good informative video. Keep enjoying life Dane with your woman.Thank you.

  12. osama gibani

    Love the video, thanks for being so open about all your expenses, i just purchased the book and hope to fulfill my dream of full-time travel.

  13. Domi M

    great vlog guys! 😀 Greetings from an Aussie in Germany 🇩 🇪 interested how much you guys spent in Berlin. P.s every where is cheaper than Nz except the scandanavian Countries! 😉 happy travels!

  14. Nicki L

    Thanks for sharing..great. May I know which cam u are recording with? any other quiet area u may recommend to stay after yr months exploring? haha

  15. keith galer

    Been watching Vloggers for 6months as getting ready to retire.
    This is clearly the best information laid out well and without any drama. Well done, one new sub.

  16. Tom Tapp

    The strong baht raises your actual cost by 5000 plus per month or more unless you earn Thai baht each month

  17. volcano pedro

    I like to open food bussiness in pai or chiang Mai? Which one you think better ,? Thanks your videos really good appreciate

  18. Ben Dover

    would love an add-on for your next cost of living videos: What costs would you limit? What costs are particularly high in that area? And alternatively, what costs you can/might consider splurging on. Tnx

  19. Gregory Thayer

    Thanks, man. Really great. I think we have to pay more for coffee in San Francisco than the monthly living budget in CM. My GF just sold her house in Bali (Ubud), or I'd ask if you guys need a place to stay! Questions: 1. did you find a local community to hang out with? 2. What kind of apartment/house (no car) could you get for $2000/mo? Cheers.

  20. Rob Aitken

    This guys prices seem ok for Nimman area, which is the most costly area in Chiang mai, the average long term resident like myself, steer well clear of that area. rents, Food, Coffee, clothes, groceries all expensive there. Many foreigners live in that area, so things are geared for them, to embrace real Thai culture, Nimman area is not for you. I live about 18 kilometres away from Nimman and my costs are a fraction of what Daneger spends, we see trees, hills, lakes, and is not a concrete jungle like nimman, the crime rate in Nimman is much higher too

  21. nicktan69

    Hi Daneger/Stacey,

    Thank you for your video. Very useful info!!

    At your ages, what visa type allows you guys to live in Thailand permanently?


  22. Becci kyle

    Thanks for the info especially about the hospital experience! I have a young child and healthcare is a biggie when researching possible destinations 👍

  23. Vishypoo

    How are you guys set up for tax? Are you still paying tax as tax residents of NZ or do you have another solution that works better?

  24. Jtag Sheep

    Love chiang mai ! next time I go I would prefer to find an apartment with a oven however as I only had a microwave and hob while they got me by re heating leftovers or cooking noodles and easy things an oven wouldn't go a miss for cooking a little cheaper at home 🙂 that said chiang mai is cheap enough food wise to not worry too much 🙂

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