SLEEP OVERNIGHT IN THE AIRPORT | Free Lounges Will Save You | New Zealand to Fiji | Fiji Airways

We love airports and share with you our best tips to enjoying them! On our way to Vava’u, Tonga we had to unexpectedly sleep overnight at the airport. We have had to sleep in the airport before, and it’s never been that bad. Lounge access makes sleeping in airports so much better, but the benches generally turn out to be just fine. As long as you’re not planning to sleep at the airport for multiple nights, it’s probably not too bad every now and then. // Travel Vlog #38 // Nadi, Fiji

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Hi! We grew up on opposite ends of the United States in Texas and Ohio. Later in college, we met and got married in August of 2016. As poor newly weds and recent college grads, we moved to New York City to begin what we thought would be our long careers in finance. Only one year later, after accumulating over 2 million miles and points through “travel hacking”, we booked round-the-world business class tickets to over 40 countries for free. We quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, and began this once-in-a-lifetime adventure on August 27, 2018. Chad has always loved creating home videos to hold onto the memories we share while traveling, so we started this YouTube channel as a place to share our adventures with friends and family. We hope you’ll join our journey to exciting countries and experiences around the world!

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2 Replies to “SLEEP OVERNIGHT IN THE AIRPORT | Free Lounges Will Save You | New Zealand to Fiji | Fiji Airways”

  1. Hannah and Chad

    Have you ever slept overnight at the airport? Any tips for us next time we have to do it? 🙂 We're sure it won't be our last.

  2. whalenz

    Cool video. I think you pronounced it Nandi, It's actually Nadi. But I know what you mean about it being so hot! I stepped off the plane and thought 'man those engines are hot!' Nope, that wasn't from the engines.. so hot and humid. Temperature difference between summer and winter is like… 4degrees C. Glad you enjoyed NZ, shame about the Waitomo experience you had though.

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