Woman Shares Her Zero Waste Lifestyle Experience

In this video we meet Mailyne, a single mom who has adopted a zero waste lifestyle for almost 1 year to reduce the amount of garbage she sends to landfills and to be part of a sustainable future.

At the grocery store, she uses cloth bags, mason jars, and pillow cases to buy bulk food, produce and bread. She makes all of her personal care products, including toothpaste, deodorant and mouthwash, with the help of a friend. She also uses a safety razor and menstrual cup to avoid buying disposables.

Buying used clothing and toys is her first choice and if she does have to purchase something new, she tries to source items that are sold or shipped without non-recyclable packaging.

Her apartment building does not currently have a compost collection service but she doesn’t let that stop her. She brings her bucket to friends places or to her parents house while she waits for a more convenient solution to become available.

Mailyne introduced us to a few innovative zero waste solutions including a binchotan charcoal water filter (it’s like a Brita filter without the plastic), compostable bamboo toothbrushes, and reusable beeswax wrap as a replacement for plastic cling wrap (maybe there’s a vegan alternative to this?!).

You can follow her zero waste adventures on her blog here:

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43 Replies to “Woman Shares Her Zero Waste Lifestyle Experience”

  1. My Vegan Experiment

    Wow! She is so inspirational. This is a fantastic video to spread the importance of decreasing the amount of waste we create, as the future is truly looking bleak.

  2. Kelly Buck

    The way you've chosen to live are useful skills. Hopefully it won't, but Especially if there was some sort of government breakdown or post apocalyptic world. You'll be able to have many useful skills to survive, and teaching them to your son for future generations. You're awesome. Keep doing what you're doing. I bet you have saved a lot of money. So as I woman, I have a question. What do you do about shaving legs, underarms, etc? I've never used something like a man's old fashioned straight razor. I'm not comfortable using that as my hands aren't steady. So what's the way to get around the disposable razors, and not avoid shaving at all?

  3. A 1

    Just like a 70's 'hippy' in the nicest possible way, living naturally and with humility. This is inspirational and lovely. Such a great role model as a mum and a citizen.

  4. J

    I am so interested in living the zero waste lifestyle. but it is a little more difficult than I thought it would be. my baby is having a first birthday party soon and I want it to be a zero waste party. But I don't know what to do for the gift bags?

  5. Colin Brady

    Wonderful video! Thank you so much for posting this and sharing your zero waste story. Please continue!

  6. jcaks

    I’m really impressed by and thankful for this video. It’s really helpful for me to learn how to live from now on.

  7. John

    Exploring Alternatives

    Exploring Alternatives

    2 years ago

    Agus thanks for watching! It's true that you can't be 100% zero waste

  8. Kristee Marie

    This is a great inspiration for starters like me. Keep doing game changing videos for a greener 🌎 🙂

  9. Rafaela Scheiwiller

    Wow she is beautiful. I want to be better, but it is hard where i live. Its easy to get fruits and vegetables without packaging, but everythig else is packaged (except in big cities sometimes). I always buy at a local organic shop which is more expensive, but they try their best. They themselves would love to have a bulk store, but they would lose money. On the country side, noone cares about waste. And the few supplier who would provide zero waste want to sell lentils, etc. in 10 kg bags. But since so few people even care for organic, the small store could never sell the 10 kgs in time and would create even more waste.

  10. fpagni 11

    But so many things come in packaging!! What does she do with packages on baking ingredients or bathroom products??

  11. Sandra Wong

    I heard the stickers from fruits and veggies are made with edible paper and the glue is also safe to eat. That probably means that the stickers should be compostable eh?

  12. Monique Rene

    This is really great and all, it really is, but is she vegan?? That is the biggest impact anybody can make and it makes sense if you are already doing this.

  13. Yeli's View

    Mad respect, Mailyne. A single jar of waste in eleven months is an amazing achievement. It'd be a dream for me to meet other earth conscious people like you.

  14. Mary Anne Utrela

    I love the zerowaste movement but. I don't understand why they keep the trash that can't be composed in a glass jar? My suggestions is make ecobricks that can help in building

  15. My Frugal Raggy Life

    Making your own stuff as much as possisble certainly doesn't simplify anyones life – infact it makes a lot more work and effort BUT it is worth it, but please don't say it simplifies !
    oh by the way I'm a nutcase too !

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