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At 22 years old, Paul Dussault is at the start of an already impressive career as a freelance videographer and filmmaker. He’s on the road most of the year working on different projects, which is why he decided to save money on rent by giving up his apartment and moving into his VW van.

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To charge his laptop, camera gear, and to power his fan, he’s got a Goal Zero Yeti 400 which is charged by a 100 Watt panel on his roof. He’s also got an auxiliary battery that charges off his alternator for his lights.

His vanlife kitchen is pretty simple, he’s currently got a cooler, 2-burner propane stove, a folding table and a jug of water with a faucet. Despite the minimalist setup, he’s got some serious cooking skills that he picked up at culinary school, and he’s able to cook delicious meals – which we were lucky enough to try when we filmed this video 🙂

His van is a 1989 Volkswagen Vanagon, and he chose this van because it was the perfect size for what he needed. It was also a nostalgic choice because he travelled a lot with his family in a restored VW bus when he was a kid.

The bench folds into a massive Queen size bed, and there’s storage underneath for spare parts and tools.

He’s got a portable toilet that he keeps on hand for emergencies.

We love Paul’s positive attitude and sense of adventure, and that he’s found a way to prioritize his career, having fun, and saving money with his decision to live in a van full-time.

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42 Replies to “Successful 22-Year-Old Filmmaker Living in a Tiny Camper Van – vanlife”

  1. Heather Renton

    I totally loved seeing this wonderful young man using a 35 mm camera. I so loved my collection of cannon's. When downsizing and getting ready for van life, I bid my beloved collection adieu and kept only my digital equipment. I sold my stuff to a senior who was very happy to continue his life long passion for photography with my collection of Cannon 35mm camera's and gear. I loved that my treasures would become his. I also love knowing that there is at least one young person out there, clicking away, winding and setting shutter speeds and so on with a 35 mm. Digital is more than good, it's great! But I miss the creativity, the instinct of knowing where there will be a great photo opportunity and making it happen. Anticipating the right time of day, the right angle, the perfect light, taking advantage of cloud, sun, darkness, shade, frost and so on. Congratulation's young man! Create and enjoy!

  2. juvinile playboy

    I'm thinking about taking up van life while I begin a freelance journalism career covering environmentalism and politics connected to young people. Hunter S. Thompson, Kerouac, Michael Pollan, Bill Bryson, David Wallace-Wells and Tim Pool to an extent, are my inspirations. Does anybody know any videos of journalist discussing how they manage that lifestyle? this is pretty close, but thought someone might know of a closer depiction of how to pull it off. thanks

  3. Dawn Oldham

    Photographer by day and cook by night? ☺️
    I’m impressed with your initiative and sense of adventure! I think you’ll be very successful because you’re thinking and acting like an entrepreneur so YOUNG. I feel for you re: loneliness/ I’m alone a lot due to chronic pain that keeps me home a lot. Prior to that I had a very successful home cased business with lots of daily interaction. I’ve subscribed so I can watch you grow!

  4. Sage Oldmann

    When I became successful one of the first things I bought was a home so I didn’t have to live in my van anymore, this guy becomes successful and moves into a van?

  5. Donald Teuber

    How dare you not be a slave to the system. Don't you realize that you're supposed to work your life away just to pay a huge amount of your money on a mortgage or for rent. You are obviously one of those radical subversive trouble makers who thinks that you're entitled to live free.LOL..LOL.
    Continue to live your life on your own terms. REMEMBER..
    Those who will not use the brains and skills they have are no better off than those who have none-They are by their own choice subject to the will and control of those who would be their masters.
    Well done.

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