Luxury YACHT TOUR!! | October 10th 2016, Maldives Islands.
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Erik Conover Video Blog 464: Some incredible drone footage and taking a little tour around the island of Thulusdhoo with an incredible sunset surf session!!

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snapchat: erikconover

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Eunoia – Andrew Rothschild

Canon G7x
DJI Phantom 4 Drone
GoPro Hero 4 Black
Joby Gorillapod

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34 Replies to “MALDIVES YACHT TOUR!! ft Jon Olsson”

  1. Richelle Garcia

    Found your videos this summer and have been a loyal watcher ever since! I love how honest and genuine you are. In our world today of "faking perfect" as I like to call it with social media where you can paint a perfect picture of your life for all to see.. it's so refreshing to see someone so HONEST and REAL! The way you live your life with such passion, how you make it a conscious effort to get the most out of life has inspired me to live in a similar way! I just graduated as a registered nurse and bought our first home but my boyfriend and I are still making it a priority to go on trips at least 3 times a year so we don't get stuck in the daily grind of life and living mindlessly. Just wanted to let you know that your videos are definitely inspiring others.

  2. Carlee Lively

    You are such a great person and I'm so glad I found your blogs last year. I'll miss you and Jess but you have a life that it all yours now and can do whatever you want.

  3. User

    Dude it's like you take awesome video naturally! I'm into photography videography, and I find myself to always look awkward while trying to take awesome shots. How do you do it?

  4. Adam Wallace

    I think from a psychological stand point it's very interesting to me that once a male gets emotionally invested in a relationship, they take break up much harder than females do.  A guy can hit and quit it and not give a shit, but once they actually care, it's completely devastating.

  5. Mary Helen

    Awesome and lovely everything, the boat, the guys, the place! I know you have a heavy heart but enjoy yourself as much as possible, this is a once in a lifetime two weeks! Lots of love to you!

  6. Juliette T

    Aw that part about being solo mad me sad 🙁 it hits you at the weirdest times aye? When you should be feeling happy and enjoying the moment, you can't help but miss that person you used to share things with.

  7. Rafa Souza

    Erik, congrats for the vlog, i got to know u only recently but am totally addicted to your videos. Would u have by any chance the expenses for this trip such as for the yatch? i'm organizing a trip w/ a group of friends to Maldives and will rent a yatch too..i`d like to compare to what i found cos u might have the click to get it cheaper. Cheers man

  8. netsai murefu

    Love the honesty in ur vlogs, I have been trying to catch up wiv all ur vlogs from the very start,am less than a year behind now yay, took me ages but it's soo worth it, feel like I know some how through the vlogs it's really cool xx keep smiling and living ur passion

  9. Debian Linux

    Hey Erik I bumped into you a year ago at the 230 and 5th Ave roof top lounge. I just happened to view this video NOW yes I'm sorry lol but I wanted to pause and said that from 6:19 to 6:24 I really love the fact that you told us (viewers) how you felt right in that moment. Telling people how you truly felt in that beach means a lot and tell us how real you are.. continue sharing your feeling as they come up, don't ever change..

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