this summer was hard

and update on the past 3 months.
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48 Replies to “this summer was hard”

  1. rosequartz

    Nadine take care of yourself! Wish you all the best. I find even just to take a break from what you're doing could help! Take a couple of weeks off, get into a different hobby (completely different from travel or photography), like something crafty, weaving, ceramics, etc. Join a workshop/short course to help you relax but still challenging enough to keep you going. That also could help you brainstorm ideas for what you'd like to do next! xo

  2. Mary Katherine

    You are awesome, and you need to take care of you. I hope that you have a professional personality helping you through this, not just friends and family. Lots of virtual hugs to you, and your cat at the end was hilarious!

  3. Sojourn

    I enjoy little videos like these. You could hand off work to others maybe? Invite other travelers to make videos for your channel? There is this cool family called the BucketListFamily that would fit nicely with your style and theme. I don't know, it's just a thought. Get well soon Nadine, I enjoy watching your videos they're so sweet.

  4. Where's Poppy

    I really like your talking videos and updates. The things you talk about are so relatable and it helps me deal with my own problems and stress. Personally, I click on these type of videos more often then your other ones. I just feel like there’s so much travel content out there now, competition is really rough, and videos seem to sort of blend together. But your personality stands out and typically no matter the length of the video or lack of b-roll, I’m interested to listen to what you say from start to finish. So thank you for sharing these types of videos!

  5. Marnie Johnston

    Look after yourself Nadine! So glad to hear you've recognised that you need to slow down and take some time for self-care, that's such an important thing to do. We are all here for you and only want what's best for you. All the love xxx


    You do a amazing work on your videos the wait is wrost it. Your health and life needs are important . I can always just replay your older videos till new ones are posted. Because the more i watch them there inspire me to get out and Trivial more 🙂

  7. Rusty BP

    Omg Nadine, I can wish I could give you a hug. If you need to take a break, go ahead and take a break. We'll wait. I'm sure people will understand. I hope you get better soon. Also these personal life updates are really good and I look forward to more. 💙

  8. Chris. J. Cantu

    What i like to see you do is be more happy and having fun with your life. I just think at times you need a break away no matter if it a day a week a month. Just need that me time and not have to worry bout things. Take care of yourself. I was a mess for months when my dad passed last yr

  9. Go Sammy-Jo

    I feel ya girl this summer was hard for me too. Do you have a video editor? Maybe you should hire someone to edit the videos. For me I enjoy filming but editing stresses me out a lot it might take off some stress on you.

  10. Travel with NJ Steve

    Hope you are feeling better soon! Trust me, its not you but it seems many people in all walks of life are feeling stressed and run down these days. Our lives have become just too busy without enough down time.
    As far as what we like to see—travel with you and Matt! Make Matt more a part of your videos…we like when you guys interact on your videos. Its funny and amusing.

  11. Kevin Myers

    I like this video in a sense of you being honest and open in your videos. I know it can be hard to separate your personal and work lives, but explaining to your viewers what you are doing and why is a big deal. I hope you find your way out of this rut/depression/funk because you are an amazing woman and I love watching your videos. Whether it's travel videos or vlogs, they all give us as viewers an insite in to who you are as a person 😊❤

  12. The New Travel

    Maybe update videos like this could be a way to keep content coming, without the pressure of more cinematic edits. I've felt the pressure of posting consistently this summer as well. Hope things get better for you Nadine, you will forever be one of the travel vlogging OGs

  13. Insearchofasunrise

    Love, you need to grieve, to process, to heal what is within. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions you have been carrying so they can release and you can heal. Wishing you the best and time will heal!

  14. Diyes_Celine

    I've been watching your videos for years. But never subscribed coz I feel that there is something off and I can't fully enjoy your content. Finally, I understand why. For me, you always sound so out of breath or trying to sound "adorable"?? I watched this video just to check if your normal voice really sound like that.

  15. Wonderfilled Adventurer

    I have actually been thinking about this so much lately. I was just listening to a podcast from Church of the City called “Rest stronger than Exhaustion” and it had a lot of great info on this. It’s funny how learning to rest is so hard for us. It takes real dedication to push back against he frenzied pace of life. But it is possible, so hang in there!

  16. Iliana Boutella

    You need to see a psychiatrist and get some help! I really hope you read this message and take it into serious consideration.Thank you for all your travel hacks. I wish you well..take care!

  17. Unexpected Travel

    Hey Nadine, I am so sorry to hear of your very tough summer! Always remember, your true fans will stick around, so take all the time you need for yourself. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing. I’m your student on vlogging and I met you briefly at TravelCon. Hang in there and always put yourself first. Your video productions will be waiting for you when you’re ready. XO Kimberley

  18. Gideon Williams

    I don't know if you're still having this issue, but in case you are, when was the last time you went somewhere and didn't film? I assume because you make travel videos that you also love to travel. Maybe the solution would be to go somewhere for just you and your bf and just live w/o the camera. I'm an engineering major and as a result, I know burnout very well, I hit it every semester bc most weeks I miss at least one night of sleep. When I get burnt out, the best solution for me is to just pick a direction and drive, I'll usually stop at a town I've never been to and sit in a Starbucks and just read. I live in California and if I'm feeling ambitious, I might head all the way to the coast (3-4 hr drive). It's just about finding a moment of peace. Good luck, much love ^_^

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