healthy and productive day in nyc

HEY FRIENDS !! I’ve missed you💘 Life has been crazy so I’m excited to get back on track with you all
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25 Replies to “healthy and productive day in nyc”

  1. Lola A

    I like your videos. 😘 Which is the name of the writing which you use in your software because i find it beautiful!😘

  2. shea cyle

    I remember when you were just in your bungalow with your house mates and now you’re in NYC living the dream I’m so happy for you ❤️ You’re such an inspiration!

  3. Gigi Marie

    Yeah so get get almost brand new awesome leggings for $3 at Goodwill . Lol. Sorry not buying fabrip offs . Just saying . Buy used ladies !

  4. MichealScott PaperCo.

    Liked your video. Are you in connection with WearIlive and Diana C New York vloggers… video editing looks too similar

  5. Diane Gonzalez

    I did some causal browsing on YouTube today and I am glad I did because I found your channel and started to click on a few videos that seemed interesting like solo traveling! Your edit skills are different from other youtbers I watch so it is refreshing.

    I’m also on the verge on listening to your Spotify playlist and for now all I can say is that you have introduced me to some new genres that I would hav never found. I hate looking for songs on my own but I’m glad you have a playlist to share with others lol
    Thanks again for the content you put out!

  6. the american dream

    can we talk about how cute that blue jacket outfit is? like HELLO teach me how to fashion please (ps loved the billie holiday)

  7. ivana panizza

    I miss your vids in cali soooo much, like the style and the beach and everything. still my fave youtuber though, and your vids in nyc are amazing too

  8. Munahidfrommars

    omg so in love + it would be great if you film a honest video on how it’s like living in New York💛😍

  9. Hannah Al

    You’re forgetting that if you forget to check fabletics and either use your credit to buy something or skip the month, it costs £44. For forgetting. It’s basically a glorified scam. Makes me so angry to see people advertise for them without giving the main fact of the vip membership which is the excruciating fee you have to pay if you forget/ don’t read terms and conditions when getting vip membership. This feels like misinformation of what the vip membership actually entails.

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