Moving into UCF!

Road trip from Long Island, NY to Orlando, FL

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  1. classyandfabulous94

    OMG I'm from Long Island too! I want to transfer to UCF in the spring of 2016 since I already missed the deadline for the fall. Do you recommend that dorm for transfer students? How do you like it there?

  2. TheAllieDiaries

    why am i finding this now i wish i was going to ucf at this time because damn you are cute but besides that how do you actually like the school because i have been researching the school and what major are you studying?

  3. John Hernandez

    hey I would like to know your your GPA percentage wise? and what do you think helped you get into ucf? and do grades really matter when applying?

  4. Erica Frankel

    My brother goes to UCF in 2014 was also his first year there. And guess what……… the end of the video your wearing a peagasus palooza shirt……yeah I have that lol. I am only 13 but I am hoping to go to UCF

  5. Denis Alexis

    Hey wasup I'm actually a sophomore and I heard it kinda hard to get into UCF need tips on what I need to do in highschool kind of mess up freshman year.

  6. Brittany Hinckley

    How is UCF treating you now? I went to UCF…I now currently live in Jacksonville, FL. I loved UCF….they provide so many things for students. I was in a sorority for a while too…very interesting to say the least

  7. Upsidedown World

    Did UCF accept most of your community college credits? Did you get an Associates Degree first or just took general ed courses?

    My son is also wanting to transfer from RCC in Rockland, NY.

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