REALITIES OF TRAVEL | Koh Lanta to Phuket Ferry Thailand Travel Vlog

Today we take the ferry from Koh Lanta to Phuket and share the realities of travel, showing a bit more behind the scenes of… ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Our time in Koh Lanta has finished and today we head from Ko Lanta to Phuket on the ferry – but which one and how long does it take? That’s the same question we had, travel in Thailand isn’t exactly smooth as you would have seen from our other travel vlogs, but you just go with the flow and what will be will be.

There was actually 3 different ferry options from Phuket to Koh Lanta and visa versa, ranging from 500 baht to 1,000 baht – we opted to go for the fastest possible and not really a ferry, more like a speed boat.

So how did it go? Was the trip to Phuket as fast as we thought? Guess you best be watching the vlog and find out 😛

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32 Replies to “REALITIES OF TRAVEL | Koh Lanta to Phuket Ferry Thailand Travel Vlog”

  1. stitchergary

    Yes, it's better to be drunk on the rooftop instead of with other drunks…I'm just kidding…I've been to Patong Beach twice, but I don't like crowds, loud music, and people…6 weeks there and I was only on Bangla Rd. after dark twice…I'm in Siem Reap, Cambodia now and will head to Phuket in about 12 days… You have one of the best Youtube channels .. I really enjoy what you show the world…

  2. Jim Eadie

    Grab bought out Uber in Thailand last year, they seem to be very popular over there now. The raw style video is great, no fluffing it up for the tourist trade. I love to just hire a scooter and explore, my standard comment to myself while riding along is “ I wonder where that road goes” so then I find out, its amazing what you find. Keep enjoying yourselves and passing on your great videos for us to be jealous of, cheers for Australia 😎👍

  3. todanic

    Great video, shows more of your real life, and it still looks awesome. You have one of the best channels on Youtube and you really make many peoples day better by sharing world with them 🙂

  4. Renee H

    "If you don't travel with podcasts, I don't know how you're spending your time"
    Some of us travel full time with a condition known as "children" 😂
    I long for the luxury of boredom on travel days!

  5. Rex Waldron

    Loved this. You are right to keep it real. Anything worth doing (like travelling the world) takes effort and planning. That's the reality of life. The rewards from making the effort are what make it all worth it. Had to laugh at your list of Phuket fails 🙂 The rooftop pool looks awesome – reckon you are going to enjoy that facility!

  6. quickdraw

    hi daneger. did you say you download stuff onto a usb stick then watch it later ( like when you get time at your hotel room). just curious. thanks for the vids awesome

  7. Abby Scott

    Thanks for keeping it real! Planning my 2 month trip to SEA and want to know what traveling in this part of the world will really be like – not just the super curated IG moments that most people show…

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