HOW TO LIVE IN BALI (Realities of Living Abroad)

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in another country? From the cost of living, to the day to day activities, this is what it looks like to live in Bali, Indonesia.

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July, 2016

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48 Replies to “HOW TO LIVE IN BALI (Realities of Living Abroad)”

  1. Lost LeBlanc

    After a nightmare of an upload experience, the video is now ready (and this time in 1080 lol)
    Checkout Bali's Beautiful Neighbour, Lombok, Indonesia:

    Hope you enjoyed and comment below where I should do my next "How To Live In" series!
    Let's Get Lost again in the next one!

  2. Sandy Green

    Hello im sandy if you looking villa in bali please cek my ig for rent villa in bali fancylala9villa , budget under 10 m ," im tour guide private to cek my ig fancylala19.9tourguide


    Thanks so much for sharing 🔥✋️I'm from bc Canada too 😍I'll be going there in august and your videos rock

  4. Ersan Kospancali

    Great video and very informative! You've definitely gone out of your way to make sure that any hopefuls wanting to go live in Bali will be better informed before taking the plunge. Beautiful place for sure!! Hope to go there in the near future! 😉 p.s. you're very handsome too! hehe
    Bye for now from London. 🙂

  5. Zazzysylvester

    I rented a scooter for 34 dollars a month and it never failed me 🙂 you run a high risk of getting robbed shoving off in a fancy bike. AND risk it getting stolen

  6. Tomas Soejakto

    1:20 it gets like that to accommodate the tourism explosion. we did it for you guys LOL. thanks to the country being unable to enforce its own laws and regulations, traffic is out of whack, zoning is out of whack, transportation in bali is controlled by the mafia (hence the almost non-existent public transportation), and the balinese accept this because (sorry) they think they need you guys. they are kind generous people but tourism has made them lost sight of who they truly are.

    most days we dont even want to enforce our rules. because 1) there's no money to be had in doing the right thing in indonesia, and 2) it means we actually have to work and govern and stuff, which we wont do because the only reason most public servants become public servants is the promise of easy living based off of corruption money.

    imagine bali, being as famous as she is, decides it doesnt want to be greedy anymore and put a quota on visitors, install island-wide public transportation and enforce their zoning policies. now that would be a bali worth coming to.

  7. Mark Reilly

    a villa is NOT balinese living. it is foreigner living in away the probably could not in their home country. wake up

  8. Crystal Banks

    This was by far the best video I've watched all month. Great scenes, stayed on topic, i had fun with you. That was super helpful and enjoyable!
    Keep up th good work.

  9. Diana You

    seriously it is one of the best youtube videos I've seen. will be waiting for more exciting series! 😉

  10. kyaw win Maung

    man, I wish I am young again! back in college, i have time but no money, now i have money but no time to travel. hahaha

  11. Anthony Belton

    2 months is just a holiday. Seminyak to Canguu is gridlocked the whole area is full of hipster vegans some call it the new Byron Bay .Locally owned small hotels and home stays offer some of the best value rooms around 200 thousand to 350 thousand rupiah per night.

  12. The Wanderlust Tribe Family

    can you ride a bicycle? what do you do if you have kids? WE want to move out of country.

  13. Nick Hall

    Loved Bali but hated the police/military harassment, after being threatened with jail and paying fake ticket bribes for NO REASON other than being white americans damn near every day, we just started running from the cops….

  14. poet 247

    Bali is worth a visit once in a great while but not to constantly deal with all the people and traffic. Java has many beaches and cool towns/cities and historical sites and nature. Sumatra is even more quiet though not great beach options. Without all the visa hassles people can basically bounce back and forth from Malaysia to Indonesia and or their home country or 3rd visa free country like Taiwan or Singapore pretty much permanently. (for those countries that qualify) Especially those that live within 10,000 km. for cheaper airfare. Plus live in north Bali and cross back and forth to Java rather than deal with the south.

  15. Road Hawk

    Dude, you can't get 50cc scooters in Bali…

    They are all like 100-160 some 250 scooters. A 100cc jap scoot can get up some good speed so be careful folks!

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