REAL OR FAKE? Insane Bangkok Shopping Malls | MBK & Siam Paragon | Thailand Travel Vlog

In Bangkok MBK Center was the best fake shopping mall you could find… but not anymore! We also vlog Siam Paragon, the class of.. ⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel for a living —

Bangkok shopping malls are on a whole different level – the shopping centers they have seem to be on every other corner and every single BTS station. Our last Bangkok vlog around shopping was in 2017 and we got lots of hate, kind of understandably because we were new to the old travel vlog and YouTube we misslabeled it.

Today we revisit MBK Center to get a feel for how much things in Thailand have cracked down on the shopping mall fake scene. Turns out things are a lot more strict than they used to be!

Compare MBK Mall to Siam Center shops and you’ve got a whole different scene. Siam Paragon is stunning, classy and elegant – not our scene at all haha.

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21 Replies to “REAL OR FAKE? Insane Bangkok Shopping Malls | MBK & Siam Paragon | Thailand Travel Vlog”

  1. Owneee S

    Bangkok – City of My Dreams: just returned a couple weeks ago.sorry to disappoint your other sub who said “Good news, the air is all better.” Uh no, it is definitely NOT all better. There is no escaping the constant exhaust from the years of constant 247 vehicle emissions- it will make you sick. Especially in Sukhumvit area!!! Nothing but vehicles and malls! Very much recommend face masks! Seeing them much more often now than ever before.
    Re your saying “Oh somebody is just gonna say ‘Oh please’ and log off…I was gonna just write “Oh please!” as a joke, but then you showed the delightful 3 pink pigs floating on top of each other, and well….that was SO Bangkok I had to keep watching! 💞💞💞💞💞

  2. Xin Zhou

    Right on, there's very little content on the malls in BKK, so it isn't known for it. I find it funny since there's literally almost one mall at every stop of the bright green BTS line. Also, upper scale malls like Embassy, Emquartier, and Icon are a lot less crowded than Paragon.

  3. Greenock78

    Vendors tell other vendors what type of shopper you are by the colour of the plastic carry bag whether you bargain well, or you will pay full price
    Thats why they have different colours..

  4. wirad tangngam

    Love you from thailand อยากให้คุณมาต่างจังหวัดบ้างครับ อาหารข้างถนนมีทุกจังหวัด และหลากหลายกว่าที่คุณคุณคิด เพราะบ้านเรามีหลายเชื้อชาติ จึงนำมาผสมกันอย่างลงตัว ทำให้ใด้อาหารที่หลากหลาย เชิญครับ ผมรักพวกคุณ wirad tangngam angtong city thailand

  5. Kallesbananer

    If you go to MBK before 5PM you wont see a single knock off item. They will all be non brand items like noike or adudas. Once security stops patrolling the stalls at 5PM every store turns 180 and BOOM! 2 minutes later all you can see are non legit brand names and clothing! It’s really fascinating how once the shift ends for the security guards they literally don’t give a sh*t anymore, even though this is general knowledge.

  6. Kaboong

    Hey,I love ur video ❤️ I’m from Thailand and I know about every thing about Siam, It’s have Siam Discovery,Siam Center,Siam Paragon,Siam Piwat,Siam Krit,Siam And Iconsiam(recommended)

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