Berlin Travel Guide

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Here it is, our long-awaited Berlin Travel Guide! What an incredible city – steeped in history, tradition, culture, and great eats. And there’s an amazing story about why we chose Berlin as a destination so be sure to watch!

Berlin is one of those rare cities that has something for everyone, so no matter what your reasons are for coming to this incredible city, check out our Berlin Travel Guide so you can make the most of YOUR visit.

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We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Berlin –

How we film our travel guides –

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23 Replies to “Berlin Travel Guide”

  1. Tchii's Piano School of Music - pnoens

    As amazing as Berlin, Alex, you really have the talent to make your sponsors your own thing! You’re soooo convincing in introducing whoever sponsored your videos! In this episode, You almost made me wanted to send my spit to too! LOL! Other than that, you still convinced me to wanna go back to Berlin for the 4th time! Good job as always, Alex!

  2. shiningstar66666

    This is not Berlin at all…..hardly a glimpse of it. You are mostly somewhere in the Kreuzberg area stucked at Kebab and Burger stands.

  3. Chretze

    As a German: STAY AWAY FROM KEBAB. There have been tons upon tons of cases where they were caught serving rotten meat or puting other weird ingredients in the meat to cut cost.
    AVOID the night life as well because like half of the clubs are owned by known arab and turkish gangs and the streets at nights are FULL of muslim immigrants, especially in Kreuzberg. Crime is through the roof as well as you can imagine.

  4. Sascha Wagner

    "Travel Guide" -> use the train, eat, eat, eat, drink, eat, eat, they use the €.
    Also: the Currywurst was invented in Hamburg, not in Berlin ;p jk

  5. Runar Andersen

    Berlin is a city I like and keep returning to. I am often there December with the Christmas markets. It is the combination of recent history and a modern city that is fascinating to me.
    Speaking of food: Two of my best culinary experiences have been in Berlin: One time at a French bar/restaurant, with lamb chops I still dream about. The other at a currywurst place with fries and beer for 7 euro. In Gesundbrunnen station.

  6. Da Guys

    Don't let the low rents fool you, the wages are pretty low as well, at least if you work on ordinary jobs in shops or local services.

  7. Megumi M

    I have lived in Singapore, stayed in HK and visited Germany. I still prefer to drive around in the comfort of a car than taking public transportation.

  8. Juan silva

    Berlin is my favourite city no doubt. I love Berlin. Going to celebrate New Years there for the 10th year in a row.

  9. Gilberto Molina

    I must congratulate you and thank you for this very USEFUL video! I lost time watching videos with dumb people talking about bubbles in touristic places around Berlin, thanks a lot!

  10. albert larroca

    A really nice Berlin tips ! No talking about War or what happening in Germany at that miserable times, Is Excelent you focuses in different aspect of the city, miss a bit the Berlin Night life and rocks bars, and teatres, and free music around the wall centre.But a nice one !! Love it !!

  11. Carlos Dueñas

    Love your videos, I'm going to Berlin next week and first thing that came to mind was to check if you had a video for the city. I always check you videos before visiting a city. thanks

  12. Bennet Cooper

    maybe you could have mentioned how green Berlin is… I don't know any city with as many huge and beautiful parks as berlin. Also even the big streets are full of gigantic trees which sometimes give you the feeling of a big city that's inside a forrest.
    In the summer time Berlin is definitely one of the nicest places to go to.

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