Unbelievable Ice City! CHINA

I have NEVER seen anything like this.
I explore an ice city, get frostbite (for real, unfortunately), and continue the hunt for a mysterious hidden ice bar.


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Harbin, Heilongjiang, China 哈尔滨
International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival 哈尔滨国际冰雪节
Central St. (Zhongyangdajie) 中央大街
Zhaolin Park 兆麟公园
St. Sophia Cathedral 聖索菲亜教堂
New Jewish Synagogue 犹太新会堂旧址
Sun Island (Songbei) 太阳岛
Stalin Park 哈尔滨市斯大林公园
Songhua River 松花江
Shangri-la Hotel Harbin


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22 Replies to “Unbelievable Ice City! CHINA”

  1. zhli

    Jordan, glad you made it out of India and went to my hometown. You should visit some of those giant factories of China in Harbin and see what the city really is.

  2. zhmz888

    Harbin is a started by russian who was building a railway cross east-north part of china to reach other side of russian newly acquired territory, the railway was suppose to be a joint venture..but in the end was a solo….

  3. ayumizz

    Wow! Great to see people love Harbin! I am from Qiqihar! Second largest city of Heilongjiang Province. Even colder! Love the vid! Hope you had great fun in Harbin! And THANK YOU for sharing the vid and spreading out the word to whole lot people about Harbin! Thank you!

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