CHILL DAY IN KOH LANTA | Thailand Travel Vlog | Thai Islands

Travel in Koh Lanta Thailand is one of the most chill places we’ve been, not just in the Thai Islands. You’ll see Ko Lanta in this vlog…✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel for a living —

Our travel vlog mission around the Thai islands has been an interesting one, but today we finally found what we were looking for — Koh Lanta!

Koh Lanta island aka Ko Lanta is one of the most relaxing places in Thailand we’ve visited, it’s got an extremely laid back feeling to it, it’s commercialised to an extend, but largely still a traditional Thai Island not overly developed for travel and tourism. If people ask us what we look for when we travel and create a vlog – it’s sort of this, chill, relaxed, local, but with some luxury and western elements on top.

This is part 1 of a 2 part day in Koh Lanta – stay tuned for the next one, we check out the amazing Lanta Animal Welfare and play with some doggos.

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46 Replies to “CHILL DAY IN KOH LANTA | Thailand Travel Vlog | Thai Islands”

  1. Ponto Jo

    Wonderful, thanks! I can never remember if the prices you post are per person or for two. Friendly suggestion to clarify in subtitles in the future. You could tell me but I'll forget again.

  2. Rex Waldron

    Now you are talking! Fantastic location – I love the rustic laid back vibe of the place and the lack of crowds. Space to chill! That everlasting beach looks amazing – the way it spreads round in an arc is so cool. I've always liked the way you capture shots of Stacey unawares – it really shows how much she means to you 🙂

  3. James Winter

    My wife and I were took a vacation from our vacation in Chiang Mai to Koh Lanta a few years ago. We planned 5 days there and stayed for 18. It was so relaxed and laid back!

  4. Ms Tek

    I wish there were more travel videos like yours. You guys aren't annoying and are older so its not all tits and ass shots with drone video and the same dance music all over the place.

  5. Ms Tek

    P.S. You're going to hate Phuket. LOL. I will be there again in April becasue I train Muay Thai there but I just don't see you liking it there at all. I don't even like it- there are better places in Thailand but I do like training there.

  6. Tim M.

    Very very nice videos. Relaxing and very peaceful, compare to other videos of the same style you can find on youtube.
    What place/beach would you suggest to spend some days for a family?
    We will go KohLanta this summer for few days, but unfortunately, I know during this period, swimming in the sea is not the best thing to do.
    Thanks you and have nice stay there.

  7. Zee C

    Hope you guys enjoy Koh Lanta! We only saw a couple of small bits, need to learn to ride a bike! Loved our chilled out week there though.


    Any chance you guys could post your itinerary for this Thailand trip? I'm planning one for next Nov./Dec. and was thinking about starting in Phuket. You guys seem to have done it in another order… thanks, and keep up the great videos. Your channel is one of my new favorites. Dan

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