BEST PHUKET TOUR? 🍸 | Chalong Bay Rum Distillery Cocktails | Thailand Travel Vlog

In this vlog we visit Chalong Bay Rum Distillery for a cocktail workshop class, an amazing Phuket tour! They use pure Thailand sugar cane so that…✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Thailand has some of the most amazing activities, there are so many Phuket tour options as well,, but we wanted to try something different. We were staying in the Chalong are of Phuket and remembered why the name Chalong rung a bell… someone we met in Bangkok was talking to us about Chalong Bay Rum. Turns out the Chalong Bay Distillery was just up the road and they offer cocktail workshop classes and distillery tours! Is it the best Phuket tour? We weren’t sure, but wanted to find out.

This tour was amazing – the Chalong Bay Distillery itself was fascinating, in particular their use of pure Thai sugarcane, supporting Thailand and it’s locals. Of course the cocktails were tasty, full or rum and a huge amount of fun as well.

Full disclosure, we were welcomed by Chalong Bay Distillery but as you can tell from the video, this is an honest and glowing review from a really epic afternoon and our favourite Phuket tour! Check out Chalong Bay here and learn more about the process, their rums and their tours:

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42 Replies to “BEST PHUKET TOUR? 🍸 | Chalong Bay Rum Distillery Cocktails | Thailand Travel Vlog”

  1. philipos888

    Wow….Love this "off the beaten path" introduction of local tours. I really wanted to try the Bangkok food tour you introduced, too bad I was with family member who doesn't like to spend time walking around but sort of more like hop-on and hop-off Grab everywhere type. Will definitely check out this Distillery on my next Thailand trip. Thanks…Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Cali Picker

    Well done guys. This in-depth information type video is REALLY enjoyable; and interesting. Again, well done.
    PS. Love Stacey's sunglasses. What are they and where did you get them? I think my daughter would like some.
    PSS. Signed up for your email list. Looking forward to your next destination. Be safe

  3. Ben Miles

    My wife and I have really been enjoying your videos and are using some of them to make plans for this summer. We are currently heading to Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and China. Thanks for putting out great content!

  4. Chaz Meyers

    You gotta go there on a Thursday night when they have Salsa Dancing! Great video, love your content, keep em coming!!!

  5. Jim

    Two of my favorite people. This was such a fun video to watch. I have been on a few wine and/or distillery tours but none compares with what you presented to us. I'll leave you with this fun comment – "Living my life vicariously through Daneger and Stacey". Cheers!

  6. Angie Evans

    I really had no desire to visit Phuket, even after the last videos you did (sorry) but this experience changed my mind, this is definately on my list now 💖

  7. Mike G

    You weren't tempted by dinner and the cocktail pairing menu after the Masterclass!? In fact, wise choice with travel day ahead.

  8. Rex Waldron

    I do believe that you guys spent the perfect day here! The location, the food, the rum and the cocktails – what more could one ask for? And the whole thing is summed up in one moment on this video – Stacey's expression at 5:14. Who needs words 🙂 And yes, Dane looks a natural at 11:46!

  9. Libtards Are Cancers

    Lol. I'm so glad that you guys are in the south. Right now, the Northern and Middle (mainly Krungthep Bangkok) is constantly blanketed by smokes, very bad for everyone's lungs.

  10. Christopher Dickinson

    I have missed a good old daneger & stacey story time from you guys, awesome place I will definitely look that place up if I get to that part of the world

  11. Jazz Hippie

    Sad to hear you are leaving Thailand, but glad is was able to find you guys through this series. Great shots and great people. It's time to subscribe 😄 big love ❤️

  12. stitchergary

    I thought maybe I'd run across you both since I'm flying from Sieam Reap to Phuket next Monday.. Then I hear you're leaving…Guess I'll just have to continue watching your amazing journey on Youtube…thanks for the video..

  13. Fahh Wasri

    Hello. Thank you for create a good video. We Thai people always follow you. I really like your laugter…^_^

  14. Linor Rosenberg

    We also visited Chalong Bay on our last day in Thailand a couple months ago. We didn't do the cocktail workshop but we went on the tour had the mojito and all the tastings, and then ordered rum ice cream which was AMAZING. Such a great place!

  15. bubzillian

    Hey guys! I'm currently planning for my trip to Thailand in April 2019 (only 3 weeks away!) And I wanted to get your feedback on my itinerary since you guys are the experts 🙂 we will be there for 10 days. Do you think this will be too crammed:

    2 days – Phuket
    3 days of island(s) – have not chosen which
    2 days – Chiang Mai
    3 days – Bangkok

    Any feedback would be appreciated! Also, we would be flying from Phuket to Chiang Mai… and Chiang mai to Bangkok.

    Thank you so much – really appreciate your time.

  16. Hugh Gyetvai

    I’ve been following you two for awhile seeking good info. for when my wife and I travel. It just so happens we are Phuket now after a two week trip through Vietnam (you provided good tips). The distillery was a great tip. The food was good and the rum was excellent. It was a good spot to chill out for a few hours. Thanks!

  17. Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia

    Rum is my favourite drink by far. Tried many interesting bottles and have flown away to many planets. Thanks for a very entertaining video. Will watch the next one tomorrow🌹🌹

  18. OBIE

    Glad to see you have now reached your ultimate goal…… to travel and drink for free….. I hope one day I can do the same…

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