How To Shoot Better Video FAST: 6 Pro Videography Tips (Feat. Chris Hau)

How To Shoot Better Video FAST: 6 Pro Videography Tips (Feat. Chris Hau).

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These are tips that are going to completely transform the way you take videos! Prepare for your work and your storytelling capabilities to skyrocket.

Videography is slowly becoming my favourite thing in the world to do. You can say so much with a few simple clips, but it all comes down how you put it together. We live in a beautiful, beautiful time where using your camera can provide you with freedom of expression, freedom from the norm, freedom of the ordinary and financial freedom.

But obviously, understanding how to step up your videography is the key to being seen and heard. These tips from pro videographer Chris Hau will help you master this game.

The use of a camera these days is praised and celebrated. Use this power.

I look forward to more art being spread around the world!

Lots of love to you 🙂

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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26 Replies to “How To Shoot Better Video FAST: 6 Pro Videography Tips (Feat. Chris Hau)”

  1. bienveqe

    You know Sorelle, you're right @Chris Hau is awesome ! I watched his videos and i learn a lot. Well my next move is pratice, practice and practice… thanks you guys big hugs and see ya !

  2. Andreea Lupescu

    I found you on Youtube about 3 days ago and I am obsessed with you already, saw like half of your videos hihi. You're living the dream I wanna pursue in life (I'm 18 btw, will surely make it happen). I'm so glad I found someone really interesting and unique, with a strong personality to get inspiration from. Thank you so much for showing me it is possible, all the advice you give, and the positive vibes. Love from Romania.

  3. Creative Focus

    Sorelle, Chris – thank you. Simple yet powerfully impacting tips and tricks. Your colab was fun and wonderful. Thank you again.

  4. Gabrielle Angel Lilly

    You are both gems!!! I know this is a bit weird, but, just a few nights ago I was having a sort of unpleasant dream (asleep), and Chris Hau, you showed up in my dream as this super great, friendly guy and said something like, "It's not okay for people to treat you that way", just all, Super Good Guy. I woke up wondering 'what was that about', and just remembering you are 'some you tube photography guy I hadn't seen in some time and should probably look up again', and since then you are showing up everywhere! (cue the creepy music 😉 I know, I know. Seriously though, I already feel like we are friends.

  5. Cait's Camera

    I loved this video, I'm new to the youtube world and hoping to further my videography skills. If you have a free moment to check out my first short film I posted it would mean the world to me!

  6. asyraf

    what song that you used at beginning of the b-roll in this music before chrishau came out?

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