JOURNEY to ABU SIMBEL – Bus Drivers Fight & Ancient Egyptian Ruins

Egypt is full of world wonders, and Abu Simbel was no exception! Our journey to these ancient Egyptian ruins was crazy though. After waking up in Aswan at 3am, we had to get to the other side of the Nile River to meet our bus at 4am. This didn’t go as planned, but after we finally got in our bus, our bus driver started a full-on brawl with dozens of other bus drivers. This bus drivers fight was unbelievable! We then got to Abu Simbel and took the afternoon exploring the beautiful things to do in Egypt! // Travel Vlog 96 // Abu Simbel, Egypt


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11 Replies to “JOURNEY to ABU SIMBEL – Bus Drivers Fight & Ancient Egyptian Ruins”

  1. Antony Medhat

    You guys are awesome and funny 🙂 . I hope
    you enjoy your time in Egypt and I am sorry you had to go through such a bad experience with that driver's fight 🙁 .. . A friendly advice from an Egyptian 🙂 ,Come visit
    Alexandria , it is the coolest most beautiful city in Egypt . but I might be biased haha .I know there is complete lack of information about everything as you have experienced in this video, so I have created a website to gather all the infos about Alexandria (what to see and how to get there and what to avoid and be aware of ) just in case you made your mind to come , you will find the link in the first reply as youtube sometimes deletes comments with links .if you are coming you can even let me know and we can meet 🙂 .if you are coming and wanna contact me use the contact me button on the website or reply to my comment . And oh l am not trying to sell you anything I just love meeting people
    . Everything on the website isn't affiliated and completely unbiased don't worry 😉 …cool editing btw 🙂

  2. KIMO

    *sigh…Egyptian here…one time I was going to school at the time I was still living in Cairo(I live in America now) and my school bus driver and a semi truck? I don't really remember but we almost got in a car accident and my SCHOOL bus driver legit pulled a pocket knife out on the semi-truck driver(he got fired, cuz my school was a private school and some rich kids…cough…not that I am not one of those… cough…told the principal about it). Yeah, Egypt is a wild country. Stay safe guys.

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