What $20 Will Get You In Seattle For A Day

What To Do In Seattle For Free/On A Budget of $20 A Day!
What To Do In Seattle:
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As a Seattle resident I often get asked what to do in the city on a budget! Like any metropolitan city, it’s expensive to live here! From parking, to getting drinks… it easily adds up. Today I’m showing you what to do in Seattle for just $20 a day. This includes what to do in Seattle for free, and what to do in Seattle for cheap/on a budget.

Pike Place Market
Three Girls Bakery
Seattle Light Rail System
Capitol Hill
Cal Anderson Park
Dick’s Burgers
OFO Bikes (and Lime Bikes)
EL Borracho

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33 Replies to “What $20 Will Get You In Seattle For A Day”

  1. Felix D Cat

    You cheated. Calculating 3 dollars for cheating the rail and bike through the app. You actually only had 1.05 left. Nice try though. Maybe something more exciting next time. Ehhh

  2. Poopie pants

    Lol did your bf give u that money? I bet it cAme out of a man’s wallet. White woman have it so hard.

  3. Paupers Budget

    How about someone who makes less than $800 bucks a month? Can someone pay for rent and then bills and still have a life?

  4. Paupers Budget

    I used to live in Seattle and had an apartment on Capitol Hill. It was on Broadway right off of Pike.

  5. Tyron Jackson

    Well there is a burrito spot woth Samoan girls on 3rd and Yesler that is purty good…tho it is, Pioneer Square 😌

  6. Nancy Lynn

    Hey! People are always talking about the bums in Seattle and how Gross it is can you please comment on that?
    Is it anything to be afraid of really specially during the day?

  7. Mike Mike

    Seattle is a disturbing city,they shit on the sidewalks do drugs in the open,crazy folks yelling at everyone

  8. Cool Cole 75

    I live there and it will pretty much get you 1 12 ounce drink from Starbucks, 5 things from the little dollar section from target, and a necklace from a random stand in the farmers market.

  9. Crafty Come Lately

    You could have taken the bus for $2.50 as adult or even walked. It's 7 blocks from Westlake station

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