BEST BEACH IN BORACAY – PUKA SHELL BEACH | Philippines Travel Vlog 098, 2017

Puka Beach is the best beach in Boracay – sure, white beach is the main beach in Boracay but Puka Shell is what the islands about! It shows how beautiful the Philippines really is. Don’t miss the drone footage in this one⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

Boracay is awesome because it actually has loads of different beaches to visit on the island, not just white sand beach – which we’ve shared in other travel vlogs. If you travel to Boracay be sure to explore, thats what the Philippines offers, amazing beaches everywhere but you need to hunt them out.

Head north to Puka Beach and you won’t regret it – its the best beach in Boracay!

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42 Replies to “BEST BEACH IN BORACAY – PUKA SHELL BEACH | Philippines Travel Vlog 098, 2017”

  1. liza08 yu

    Wow puka beach now is also crowded like in main beach..back in 2010 when we went there theres no one there except of locals selling some puka shell bracelets and anklets..

  2. happymoments

    Hei guys. Ive seen yer videos and i love the free spirit exuding from both of you. If you are still in the philippines maybe visit jomalig island. Its one of the best beaches ive been to. The place is so pristine, almost no tourist, and the people are the most accomodating people ive ever met.

  3. maricris crisostomo

    I'ts funny my partner and I used to live in Boracay for 5 months but we never heard the honey beer, I think we missed that big time.

  4. Nataneal Viknaswaran

    How did you fly a drone in Boracay? I was in Boracay on 1st December, the officials told us that flying a drone is banned. Only for boracay though, other islands are fine.

  5. Randolph Pastoriza

    I didnt enjoy the main beach in Boracay- to be honest the whole island is way too Commercial for me it has lost its local identity but what you are sharing on this video is amazing, thank you for uploading 🙂

  6. karendepablo

    when i first went to puka beach about 20 yrs ago, it was untouched. i thought they will keep it that way. but they obviously didn't. now there are a lot of constructions going on. i love how it was when i first saw it.. It was pristine and beautifulllllllllll… boracay was not too congested back then. we only rented the whole nipa house for the whole family. now all you can see are buildings everywhere. and i am not a fan of people trying to sell stuffs either whilst you are walking along the beach. what people there doesn't realise is that, everyone who comes from abroad saves up money for their well deserved holiday. i personally just want to chill out, relax and enjoy the beach. the last thing i want to do is to keep saying no to people who will ask me if i want this and that. get up a shop people and wait for the tourists to go and visit you. if they want anything from you, they will buy and get it themselves. it is sometimes frustrating.

  7. Holiday Escape Travel

    The Philippines is such a beautiful and amazing Country, in fact my favourite place in the world to visit. Great video, new subscriber 🙂

  8. sumbong wow

    oh there is a building constructed behind you! when i went there its more beautiful there is no building like that in puka beach

  9. Manny Caylo

    Try go south and visit Surigao Island and Camiguin paradise Island. Loved your video. Enjoy and have more fun in the Philippines.

  10. Ands Shure

    Try Siargao mate, I heard it's good for surfing due to big waves….let's see whether the rumor is correct…

  11. Enardski-Nardski

    Go tothe north next time Batanes would be one.. Or Up the mountainswhere the rice Terraces are… Great content by the way

  12. I-cheng Chou

    Hey, just started watching your videos.. and i really find your videos enjoyable and you give very honest reviews, and this is something coming from a local like me. There's still a lot you haven't been to in the philippines, but i recommend you go to siargao & batanes. Just a few of the many places you can consider 👍🏻

  13. P J

    I love the drone shots…really high quality. Been in Puka beach many times…it's better to swim there compared to the station beach because the water is much clearer.

  14. tOnio Butron

    Thanks, Daneger and Stacey for featuring Philippines in your Vlogs. And for staying over for months. I really enjoy watching how you enjoy each of your travel. In Dumaguete, Malay, Aklan (Boracay), Pagadian Cebu- the Canyoneering, Whale diving. See you real soon here. Keep safe on your travels. xoxo

  15. Danica Loren

    You complement the Philippines a lot💓 If I were Philippines i would be very flattered but since i live here im flattered hehe🤗🤗🧡

  16. PATP Trailblazing for the LORD

    Go to Sambawan and Maripipi Islands… That will be an ultimate destination… You will be blown away!

  17. Dannia

    My cousin lives near puka beach! So, hotel money goes to their grocery and budget instead for letting me stay and enjoy Boracay!

  18. Jennifer Hakamata

    I will highly recommend dinagat island if u want secluded area.If u happens to go to siargao dinagat is a must .

  19. Vinny Miana

    I wanna visit the philippines next, I heard a small island called siargao is also good, very well so for surfers. Thanks for this exciting video

  20. Francis Jay

    How long did u guys stayed here in the Philippines. I'm a new subcriber of yours and I'm watching your Philippine videos.

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