Minimalist Family of 5 Living in a 1 Bedroom Apartment to Save Money

In this video, we meet a family of 5 living a minimalist lifestyle in a 600 square foot, 1 bedroom apartment, in Ontario, Canada. Heather, Dominique and their 3 children moved from an 800 square foot suburban condo into this 600 square foot apartment to reduce their living expenses in order to pay for an early intervention therapy program for their eldest son who is autistic. The cost of the therapy program is over $5,000 CAD, per month. They’re able to save close to $2,000 each month by keeping their living expenses low, and they fundraise the rest of the money they need:

The apartment has a kitchen and bathroom and one large living area that they use as a dining room, living room, and master bedroom for the parents. The single bedroom has a set of bunk beds, and one crib, as well as lots of floor space for toys like a trampoline.

The couple have gotten into the habit of regularly donating stuff they don’t need, doing the dishes and cleaning up frequently to keep the space clutter-free, and living without things after they break instead of replacing them (like their kettle for example).

The couple says they’re able to make this minimalist living situation work because they prioritize their son’s therapy and education over accumulating objects. At first, minimalism was meant to be a short-term living situation to pay for their son’s therapy for the first year, but they’re enjoying the simplicity and the savings that their lifestyle brings and they may continue after the year is up so that they can save more money for future expenses that might come up.

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28 Replies to “Minimalist Family of 5 Living in a 1 Bedroom Apartment to Save Money”

  1. A. GM

    I agree. I used to do a 3 hr. commute for a 4 hr. day. But it was a great job. I should have moved closer to work.

  2. Jennifer Hill

    She is exactly right many families live this way. The home is nice & orderly. It is nice there is a living room & bedroom

  3. Lovely Lynn

    People shouldn't judge. If it works for them, that's great! Its not going to ruin their children, they're not harming their children. They're not living in filth or on the streets. Ya gotta do what cha gotta do. So good for them.

  4. CadburysCaramel99

    What a beautiful family who have focused on what's important. Kudos to them. Such a motivating and encouraging story.

  5. Cidalia Martins

    My bungalow has the same square footage but three bedrooms. And with the insanity of rent prices, we pay the same for mortgage and utilities as we’d be paying just for rent on something of similar size. The main takeaway is to go smaller but compare costs.

  6. Rebecca Oprea

    We sacrifice for what we want . Everything has its tradeoff and they chose what’s best for them at the time . Back to the basics . We can all get off trade and conform to society’s standards which by the way is stuff and debt .

  7. Purple passion Freedom

    They really look like a genuinely lovely family and the kiddos are gorgeous. I wish them every success.

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