In this vlog we travel to Lake Poneas – a hidden lake near San Benito, Siargao Island in the Philippines

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If you plan on visiting Siargao, I highly recommend taking a trip to San Benito. You can get in touch with the tourism department who will organize a boat to take you to this hidden Lake Poneas.

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  1. neneng Alavata

    Thank you both for taking the time to vlog about this unknown and undiscovered little gem in the Philippines. Your act of kindness just boosted this community tourism. Please continue to help small unknown communities in the Philippines to increase/boost tourism. Tourism in this area will generate a much needed revenue and work for the locals. I just subscribed as my gratitude to your kindness to that small community that you just helped.

  2. judito calzado

    SY 4 me ur 1 of d best foren travel vlogger her n my country philippines WHY ur a game person not MAARTE u eat wat we eat & using ur bare hands. u live n a homestay accomdation u always talk to d local..n dat way I admire u..unlike ader foren travel vlogger MAKE IT JUICY VLOG & some ader full of hyprocisy


    Steve I have lesson for you. Your a very fit man, I have watched you many times attempt a back flip. and never coming close, I wish to teach you this. at my decrepit age, I can still do a standing back flip. I wish to help grasshopper. this is a skill that once its in the mind you will look back and laugh and wish to share it.

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