What’s In My Backpack // Longterm Travel

I thought that I would make this video about what I travel with and carry with me in my backpack after 1 year (okay, almost!) of travel! Hope that you guys find it useful.

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36 Replies to “What’s In My Backpack // Longterm Travel”

  1. Body-Culinary

    Greetings, is that a selfie stick on the left of the mac air. I didn't hear you mention it, and I rewound it twice. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Xenaga

    wow, i was surprised you could fit so much stuff in a 30L. i bought a 40L and feels like its always too small!

  3. Caesarillion Aurelius

    I would love some kind of tutorial on all your electronics. I'm pretty retarded in that area with a Chinese Iphone7 and another old cell phone and a Sony 20 megapixel Cyber Shot which is not well known to me although I use it but never download to youtube or anything. So funny about you not seeing the pyramid. I might have to get contacts too, but I hate them. Another video?? Thanks, Paul in Thailand

  4. Abul Azad

    Allah most high unseen unknown I belive all the blessing come from Allah dear Jordan plese I wish to see your Allah blessing palm more clear plese

  5. rehan Rasheed

    I think you should make a video how you make money through Youtube, I don't think you would make money via stocks exchange more than Youtube

  6. stavros man

    if you come to greece again meet me in athens !!!!!!!!!!!!! i m gonna show you thing that you can imagine……..

  7. jay leeder

    debating on going to peru or egypt this fall. im interested in ancient megalithic structures. red seal boilermaker from canada. gonna flip a coin i guess

  8. DJ Mello Warner

    I've been meaning to tell you that one of your phrases I use it in my daily life it helps me to keep a good attitude, you said these are my feminine products and underwear and stuff .(and u don't need too see that.) That's my new saying. Also Miss Mina the lady I told you about. Does a what I pack. and see show here's feminine products and all our underwear and she said come on guys it's natural. U 2 are my favorites . keep up the great work.👍😀DJ

  9. nishant pant

    Another amazing video an I must say people from west are extra ordinary , very oriented and they have a good sense of travel . simply amazing . i wish i could one day purchase cannon 7d camera a dream to buy . another request when are showing things or items you carry please also provide link to purchase . i know link cannot be provided for each and every item like shorts , under garments but it can be for bigger item like what company bag u are using and the model no . i hope you take my advice in a positive way , video is great as you are . bye my friend from india

  10. Allison Chiliak

    Looking forward to an updated "what's in my bag" kind of video, with more of the explanations. Not so much an item-by-item report, but what led to that item being important in your bag? What have you seen other people travelling with that is similar? What happens when you split your stuff into two categories; things that are always with you and don't change, and things that get updated and changed with each destination?

    Just received my Aeronaut 30 and looking forward to travelling with it! Such a cool bag, and becoming a huge fan of the Tom Bihn products in general.

  11. Whisperrr Moon

    just a few things id add to your bag are matches, a knife of some sort, a flashlight at the very least.

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