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It’s been a while. I’m currently sitting on top of a hill in 慶良間諸島 trying to upload this video. I’m in one of the most remote parts of the World and fast internet is almost nonexistent.

Videos will resume Thursday March 2nd of this week! I’ve managed to post live updates on IG story when I get WiFi so check that out and get ready for some of the most amazing content you’ve ever seen on this channel!!

Hope you’ve been well 🙂


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29 Replies to “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??!”

  1. Maria Volleyballover

    This trip seems like one of a kind! Life goals to travel around the world and find peace of mind every once in a while👌🏻
    Ps.Erik has been away from NYC for so long that I almost forgot it is home for him 😂 and imagine that I ❤️NYC

  2. Kinu Grove

    I agree its hard to disconnect in our current culture but it's needed if you want to stay sane and balanced. Being present in the moment is so much better.

  3. Jessica Swint

    Wow looks so beautiful !! your vlogs are amazing. My dream is to travel around the world like you do . I recently quit my full-time job to model full time and hopefully start traveling. 🙂

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