come thrifting with me in budapest!

hey friends! i am currently traveling in europe and i went thrift shopping while here in budapest, hungary! I absolutely loved doing an international thrift video of sorts and hope to make more in the future; let me know if you like this style!
with love,

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Filmed at Retrock in Budapest
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44 Replies to “come thrifting with me in budapest!”

  1. Elena Taber

    I can't believe I'm actually in Budapest! I've been here for a few days and it's been a dream. I'm also LOVING creating these thrift videos abroad! Should I make an international series of sorts where I visit thrift and vintage stores in different countries around the world? I'll be traveling quite a bit in the near future so it could be fun to keep up🤔…let me know babes!

  2. Hannah Bruder

    hey elena!! first i would just like to say that i love your channel! i watch all your videos and your style is so cute~ but this summer i am going to budapest (where my family is from) and i love to shop, so if you know of any other cool places that would be worthwhile to go let me know!! love you ❤️🌻🌞

  3. Tanji Phillips

    hiii! I love your channel! you are so beautiful and I love the soul that you put into your content. I know you said previously that you are an avid runner. could you maybe do a video about your health. like what got you into running and maybe an updated what I eat in a day!

  4. Juliana Racines

    Hello! I loved this video, it was fun to watch.
    Next year I'll go to Budapest, so I would like to have a look of that thrift store. Can you tell me the range of prices (you said it was in the expensive side, so I don't know if I could afford going there), and where is located?
    Thank you in advanced
    Regards from Spain!

  5. mads b.

    Budapest is where I started thrifting! It is honestly so great – a little pricey but the exchange rate helps lol. I don't think I ever hit up that particular shop though. Wish I could go back and try it, it looks awesome! Have fun there and in Vienna! (also is your friend doing the Budapest Semester in Mathematics cuz if so he needs to tell Sandor Dobos that his class is rad)

  6. Usfoods72

    HI Elena, I LIKE your nice channel, I invite you to sub to my YUMMY channel Usfoods72 🙂 Please join us Elena… Thanks. Fabrice.


    love the pink jacket!
    i'm a new account and i doubt that anyone would watch but i just made a thrift haul and it would mean the world if i could get tips and constructive criticism on my vid?

  8. Rose Shield

    Hey i was wondering if you could reccomed any cool shops/restaurants/ must dos in budapest ! im going later this year for a music festival and dont know much about it ? x

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