BEST way to experience SIARGAO 🇵🇭 Philippines Travel Vlog

In this travel vlog, we recap some fun adventures around the island of Siargao in the Philippines.

We did all these tours with Kermit Siargao:

If you’re interested in visiting Siargao, I have some more videos that can help give you some ideas for more fun things to do:

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48 Replies to “BEST way to experience SIARGAO 🇵🇭 Philippines Travel Vlog”

  1. Liela Elbanbuena

    Thanks for sharing the best way to explore Siargao, beautiful 🇵🇭…come back again, there's so much to explore here….I was hoping you could collab with Kyle of Becoming Filipino and the fighter boys…just wishful thinking😊

  2. Ruben Mercado

    Hey Steve,don’t do that kind of stunt action again!…I almost slid off the couch when I saw how you landed on the board walk.😲…Be more careful next time!🤗✌🏼


    most comments that I see..think this is funny… I do not…Steve, I have seen you do flips like this on rock ledges that make me cringe. even in this vlog your head come so close to the edge of the deck at times that I would say its enough. I wish to teach you a better safer way. Pema your thought on the legs is the key. but I think you need help as well. ok 1) you should not attempt to learn from a dock or platform like this.. you have been to the best beaches on the planet.. find a sandy beach spot that is some what secluded, walk in the water say a bout knee deep, as the depth of the water will cushion your mistakes, turn and face dry land. 2) focus your mind, picture your self doing the complete flip. 3) concentrate on exploding yourself completely out of the water. 4) as you leave the water arch your back.. and at the height of your jump try to bring your knees as close to your chest as possible. the closer you bring your knees in, the faster the spin. Steve when swimming forget the life jacket ,.. put a helmet on… I love you both and wish you all my best.

  4. Max KB

    Steve, don't try to flip back if you fear to do it in the proper way. You might get a serious head injury or a serious spine injury. Be careful please. 🙏

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