San Francisco Travel Guide

Our San Francisco travel guide! In this food-heavy episode of Attaché we show off the best the Bay Area has to offer in food, beer, transport and money. Special Guests include Matt Galligan and Kenji López-Alt!

Places we visited:
City Beer Store –
Pal’s Take away

People We Talked to:
Kenji López-Alt –
Matt Galligan –

Apps we mention:
Lyft –
Uber –

Currency conversion tool:

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42 Replies to “San Francisco Travel Guide”

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  2. Martin Powell

    All American Airlines are utter shit ~ don’t try and tell people anything else ~ I’ve flown to the states three times and believe me they are utter crap
    Virgin Atlantic is also pants, the only decent Airlines in the world are the middle eastern (Qatar, emirates and etihad) also Cathay Pacific
    This is why I try to avoid traveling to the usa

  3. Gil Faver

    Dirty, bums on the streets, illegal aliens, dried feces on the streets that can become airborne and infect children, human waste, potholed-roads, garbage, discarded needles from addicts.  Terrible place.  Some restaurants are serving raw chicken.  It's a fad and can make you sick.

  4. sergeigen1

    this is one of the best channels for travel, i always check out these guys first before i go anywhere to check if theyve done a video on it

  5. Rod Rodriguez

    I'm still baffled why you don't have a million+ subs yet. Perhaps asking Charlie to bite your finger or featuring a sneezing baby panda might help get you there. Seriously though, great quality content. 👍🏼

  6. museumofdave

    Amiable overview of how to get to the CIty By The Bay and of a few places to eat (ignoring the infinite ethic places that scatter almost every neighborhood, but largely ignoring what really makes San Francisco an enduring visitor's Mecca–whether it's spending an hour in Washington Park with some home make foccacia, checkout out the statues and St. Peter and Paul and then hiking to Coit Tower for a view of Oakland and Alcatraz, or taking a cable car from Aquatic Park at dawn before they are jammed with tourists, zipping up curves and hills and into downtown for breakfast, perhaps at the Ferry Building Food Court, or spending a day in Golden Gate Park, renting a boat on stow lake (bring a picnic from a deli in Haight Ashbury), going to the aquarium or up into the (free) tower at the DeYoung Museum, nabbing a Dim Sum lunch out on Geary at Ton Kiang and then perhaps a hike along the cliffs adjacent to the Land's End parking lot–or….that's just a bare start to the hundreds of activities that don't even get close to Pier 39 or Fisherman's Wharf or a (what were you thinking?) a McDonald's.

  7. MD SS

    He forgot to mention the ever-present aroma of urine and feces and other various forms of human filth, nor did he remember to mention the distinctive sound of hypodermic needles under your feet. I can’t imagine why San Francisco’s tourism numbers are dropping.

  8. Dave Piccinetti

    I worked in San Francisco as a Production Assistant for a week. It was dope. Then the trip home happened…. Check Check Check it out!

  9. LexLuthor1234

    Nice video, and funny too, so thank you. 🙂

    If i can perhaps chip in with a bit of constructive criticism to an already good video, it would be to lower the tempo/speed of flow of the video. Just a bit though.
    A slightly slower pace would allow the viewer to more easily absorbe all the good info given in the video, and you guys are good and funny enough to be keep the viewer entertained, even at a slightly slower pace. 🙂
    Alright, that was my 2 cents worth. Thanks once again,


    PS. The host looks a bit like the long lost half brother of ryan reynolds and nico rosberg mixed together (that is a compliment btw 😉 ).

  10. m8trxd

    #1 Don't call it Frisco….. nailed it! #2 Also Don't call it "San Fran." If you want to sound like a local, just call it "The City."

  11. Miles Johnson

    There is another side to the city and it is ugly. In our last, and final visit, to San Francisco my family had to endure the following: as my wife was getting our three year old son out of our car to have lunch in China Town, a homeless man walked up to the passenger side of the car and urinated on the wheel. I yelled at him and he just laughed. Later that same day, while walking to China Town, a homeless man lunged out of a doorway and attacked my eleven year old son. The man was swearing at my son and growling. On our way to watch the Chinese New Year parade, every doorway we passed smelled of urine. The final insult was having to step over human feces on the sidewalk. All of this took place in 1994. We have never gone back. Now look at the city. There are actual poop maps showing the worst areas for poop covered sidewalks. There is a reason the city is decaying. Do you know why?

  12. Jakob Ramos

    hey Does any one know where to get a Bus in San Francisco downtown to Las Vega downtown. can someone tell me the address in san Francisco for that? I would really appreciate that.

  13. Lakshya Bhat

    Although I liked the content, however, your guide failed to show touristy attractions. I would recommend if you could include them in your shows going forward.

  14. lamonstra

    Narration plus seeing the city is better than a constant view of the host. I mean that in the kindest possible way.  Cheers.

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