How I Stay Fit & Healthy Whilst Traveling Full Time

How I Stay Fit Whilst Traveling Full Time. A few of my tips and tricks that might help you to stay healthy and fit when you’re traveling too.

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To be honest, I really didn’t want to do this video. I think health & fitness is such an individual thing and everyone has their own opinion of it. Then everyone also has an opinion of everyone elses body and finally, everyone has hang ups about their bodies, so it’s just a topic I don’t love to talk about.

But you guys have asked, so I have delivered.

My queens and kings – we’re all so perfect and beautiful as we are. Just stick to your health journey and give your body the love it deserves. Our bodies are so beautiful and they carry us through this amazing thing called life. And that’s enough of a reason to love our bodies.

Lots of love to you 🙂

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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25 Replies to “How I Stay Fit & Healthy Whilst Traveling Full Time”

  1. Nino Circus Freak

    Damn I am sorry to say it but yes I am jealous of your body lol… I understand that you probably had your own insecurities growing up lean with the "real women have curves" comments that I know too well… But since years I am into training and healthy lifestyle and just reeally want abs like that. So I put a lot of work into it for the last 1-2 years and had to force feed myself to gain enough to create abs that somehow even did end up looking comperable to yours! But unfortunately I had to give up on the discipline I am really passioned about (contortion) to get that body as it simply does not come natural to me.

    So all I wanna say is the grass is always greener on the other side. I know there is people that would probably kill for my body. It´s like women with curly hari want to have straight hair and vice versa. Love the body positivity you try to spread <3 Don´t be shy just cause it could trigger other people. They have to learn to love their bodies on their own pace

  2. Jennifer Button

    You know it’s refreshing that some people admit that their genetics are an import part of what they look like. The diet industry has been propagating the lie that we can all be thin, petite and sculpted. That is what is terrible. Making us all obsess over a goal that is unattainable and empty. Of course, there are example of people who, with great effort, have changed a round body into a sculpted one, but most of us will have to aim for the much more modest goal of a healthy body. You are beautiful, and your pictures are fantastic. I love this concept and wonder how I could implement it with my older and larger body. I will have to get creative. I love the concept because it means that you are self-sufficient. You are both the photographer and the model. Brilliant. As for the sharing of behind the scenes, I find it inspiring in its honesty. No worries we are not fragile little snowflakes, we can read the intention behind your video.

  3. Rayan Graham

    You're sooooo coool! I feel so good when I'm watching your videos! Please keep it up like that! Love u!

  4. Krista Ripard

    Haters gon’ hate, potatoes gon’ potate! I love your honesty- I have a naturally petite frame and can totally relate to the guilt/shame of your “lucky” genetics… but please tell me more about how you cut out sugar! Especially on the road and eating out all the time 🤯

  5. Gaffa Girl

    I aspire to look after my body as well as you look after yours, it's a long journey but I believe I can get there.

    You are beautiful. I am beautiful. We are all beautiful.

    I have had the glares from bigger women since I lost weight, and I have experienced the ridicule. The amount of times I have been having a conversation with someone over food and they bring the topic up is ridiculous. "You're naturally skinny", when I tell them about my weightloss and how hard I worked so far for what I have, they tell me that they "couldn't do that"… I don't see why they need to put so much focus on it, be happy where you are and with what you have treat your body right and you will become who you feel you are. I am rambling because I am also reminding myself of this at this moment.

    I love your videos. Thanks for posting this. n_n

  6. Yashvir Dalaya

    The irony of the body positivity and inclusion movement is that naturally skinny/toned women are made to feel guilty about their bodies. Being naturally like this is no reason for someone else to make you feel guilty about it.

  7. justa wonderer

    You will probably never read this but I'll try anyway, I've been traveling all over America for almost 8 years but not the normal way. hitchhiking and hopping trains, I love hiking and walking and meeting ppl and camping.i found this channel like 2 weeks ago and have been wanting to travel outside of the U.S. for so long and you may have motivated me just enough so thank you tons also the surger thing is travels

  8. justa wonderer

    Also wanted to say that being on the road keeps you in crazy good shape just by itself ,like I haven't worked out in years and I'm still crazy fit for my body type(ectomorph) and my diet (pure suger)

  9. crazinzrok

    As someone that is recovering from an eating disorder and also someone that loves your videos, you handled this topic very well! I think your focus and they way you approached the topic was very healthy and the tips you shared were very helpful 🙂

  10. Andrea Garamvölgyi

    The crazy thing is that I grew up being bullied for being soooo skinny, and then everything changed when I started taking hormonal contraceptions, and I was HAPPY for having curves finally, and here I am at 37 and by this time I have learned that my body really needs special treatment, eat less and work out more is not enough, and this will be a lifelong task for me, so, yeah, I have to love my body in every shape and size, and meanwhile try to do what is best for it. I dream of reaching my best form by the age of 40. 😉

  11. sabrina lejeune

    I think what your saying about talking about bodies and how we feel « good » about are selves no matter what happens there will be media and people who will be like « nop you cant feel good about yourself » i think what you are doing is great and you have your own thing and it doesnt matter if your fit or not as you mentioned

  12. shadesofray fashion

    OMGGG you are putting to much stress on this thing. Girl, you have an amazing body and you shouldn't be ashamed of taking care of it and loving it. I want your abs lol!!

  13. Adam Jenkins

    A very honest and witty video…I love a human solution to the basics…for me its all about eating a balanced and healthy diet and moving (moving a lot) living an active life is essential for maximising its potential…we wasn't designed to be sedentary. The hunter gatherer attitude as been unfortunately replaced with leisure in the form of doing less. Travelling I'd say must be the ideal way to keep active, and I'd love to do more of it… Great video, I'm so glad I've discovered this channel…

  14. JoyfulSelah

    Thanks for posting this! I didn't think you were too kooky, I thought that you did fantastic presenting the topic. 😀 It may be uncomfortable but I thought that you did great.

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