How I Style My Naturally Curly Hair!

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Today’s video is all about how I style my natural hair! I show you the products and styling tools I use to tame my natural curls!

Thanks for watching!!
Products Used:
Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion
Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Envy Creme
(Both can be purchased at Walgreens or CVS)

Blow Dryer w/ diffuser- Target

On me:
Sweater-TJ Maxx



Instagram- tesschristinexo

**If you have any further questions about anything please let me know in the comments below!!


42 Replies to “How I Style My Naturally Curly Hair!”

  1. Rebekah Harker

    I think styling wavy hair is harder than curly hair, as plopping etc doesnt work. So im interested in this!

  2. Rebeckah Söderqvist

    that really helped me, i also have a naturally curly hair and it most looks like afro everyday haha but now i know how to tame it! 🙂

  3. Rebeckah Söderqvist

    that really helped me, i also have a naturally curly hair and it most looks like afro everyday haha but now i know how to tame it! 🙂

  4. Hayfa henna

    +Tess Christine awesome thank you, helped me a lot 🙂 … i love your haircut.. did you do it yourself ??can you do a haircut tutorial please ?

  5. Milky Star

    Wavy hair is surprisingly hard to manage too. Curls and waves need the same love and often similar techniques. So let's be unified as we embrace our textured hair be it wavy, wirly, curly, or coily:))

  6. Lyndsey Geyer

    I have the exact same hair and I use a diffuser just about everyday. I have used the Marc Anthony products and they are amazing but I also tried the dove curling mousse and I fell in love with it. It adds a little bit of moisture back in and it kills the frizz! It's not expensive and definitely worth a try

  7. tbsfreak

    Guys, I'm pretty sure there's a reason why there are terms such as "wavy" and "curly", so as to differentiate between the two hair types… And this is most definitely not curly.

  8. Sylvia S

    Your hair is beautiful! I will try this cream for sure. My hair tends to get very frizzy! I hope this works for me

  9. Louise Sutton

    Why do people get so OFFENDED when wavy's call their hair curly??!!  Curly hair wavy hair it aint fkin straight is it !! 
    Curly hair comes in all shapes and sizes – normally these haters have pin straight hair and are just jealous !

  10. monica leon

    You're hair isn't curly it's wavy, and it looks soo tame and not as full as other curly haired girls with video tutorials -.-

  11. gabby bove

    Every hair type that has some curl or wave to it can be called curly it doesn't have to be called wavy just bc.. she has loose curls that are like waves in it anyways so I don't get why people keep hating saying your hair isn't curly.. Well is it straight ? No so it can be considered curly

  12. Jae

    I see some curls at the end of those waves. I have thick, mixed curly hair, so yeah… Although wavy hair isn't as bad as super cuyrly hasir, it can be tough to take care of as well.

  13. Einstein's Cat

    Depending on the day, humidity, styling, & products, I can have a range of waves; including extremely tight S patterns that are almost like corkscrews. And that's just from air drying, no heat. In addition, like curly hair, mine tends to get very frizzy, & needs a lot of moisture.

    So, it is possible to have wavy & curly hair. Give the poor girl a break.

  14. Renee W

    Hmm.. never knew Tess and I had similar hair. But mine looks almost straight when it's that long except at the ends so I have to keep it shorter…

  15. Ashley Simpson

    My hair is naturally curly & I never use a diffuser. I just let it naturally dry. My problem is my "bangs". It didn't become a problem until it got really cold. Before my bangs would dry semi straight (like hers in this video) & the end would curl perfectly but lately it's not doing that. It's starting to curl from the top in a weird way & I don't like it at all. I keep thinking it might be bc it's cold outside now but that's probably just stupid. anyways if any of that made sense I would love some comments on how you think I could get back to the way they were before or anything please!!

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