ALL my travels of 2015 in one SERIOUSLY EPIC Video.
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  1. Dustin Aron Fehrmann

    Some remarkable editing and footage. I'm blown away, and glad I finally started watching your videos (been subscribed for ages but didn't actually watch 😛 ) Thanks Nadine 🙂

  2. Atlas Explorers

    That is a great travel montage. Good job. I also just created a short montage of the first 200 days of our world trip. Check it out if you have time 😉

  3. Explorateur

    This captured you so well, what you love, what you've done, what you do, what a year is to you, what a year can be.

  4. Pauline Ann

    You're so inspiring. I'm so excited to start my traveling and explore exactly what the world has to offer. I'm going to travel to Australia, Japan, and Korea for the next few months. So grateful every day 😀

  5. Pentru Barbati

    Can you tell us the place in South Africa where you can play with lion and walk a cheetah 🙂 thanks ps Epic Video

  6. Kapuk Yuenyong

    I like your Video let me know if you wanna produce some video for me and make an easy money ; contact me

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