Traveling Isn’t as Expensive as You Think

Since I started traveling, I’ve found that a lot of people have this idea that traveling is always wildly expensive – not true!
These are my basic tips on traveling smart.

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44 Replies to “Traveling Isn’t as Expensive as You Think”

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  8. Bacana TechNews

    Economic class and 2 or 3 stars hotels are cheap or homestay XD also fly in the winter out of tourist season

  9. Can Bekaroglu

    This is just utter misinformation. That chart you have shown from Skyscanner is complete nonsense. For a flight from JFK to Istanbul, for instance, it says the cheapest flight is $307 but when you actually click on the date, the cheapest flight that comes up is $673! (more than double!), which is a 36 hour flight (instead of 10) with 2 stops in 2 other countries, while The cheapest non-stop flight is $973.

    First, what you Americans do not realize is that you live in an artificial bubble of reality! The dollar is artificially 2.5x over-valued currently, which is why the world feels so cheap to you. Multiply all these numbers by 2.5x first.

    Second, most countries in the world do not have access to the ease you do. A Turkish person like myself cannot even dream of a 2 stop flight as I'd need to get a visa for each of them. Getting the visa for 3 different countries requires me, a) Arrange a visa appointment for each of these countries, at least 1-2 months in advance, b) drive / go to the nearest embassy (up to three times), probably many hours away, and possibly stay in a hotel for several days, c) pay up to a $1000 for 3 visas, d)risk getting totally denied of any visa.

    Third, Most countries in the world face a lot greater barriers to travel such as much higher taxes, crazy exchange rate fluctuations, much tighter time schedules outside work, lower real wages etc. 90% of the Turkish people cannot afford to travel to the US. With the current exchange rate, the minimum salary in Turkey is less than $400 and you need at least 3 months of min. salary to have just the round trip to the US. If you include the costs of visa, hotel etc, then we are talking about 4-6 months. Assume the minimum salary in the US is $1500 and do the math now to understand how it feels to travel outside for a Turkish person!

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  12. Nadia Alhamali

    it is actually very expensive in my case because i am syriam so sadly, they get very strict thinking we have guns or somethimg so they make us pay more than double the ammount and they might even say No even after we pay the ammount (yes,for no reason) whixh is very unfair and sad….and that is what causes illegally travelling

  13. Jon Sekander

    Traveling Isn't as Expensive as You Think..Ya Right EZ for u to say …For example ! U could stay in my place as long as you like ,On flip side no one wants my ugly ass lol

  14. Heiko Joerges

    I find comparison websites sometimes more expensive than booking through the respective airline, as many airlines themselves offer low budget flights, especially when you book them like 3 – 4 months in andvance or you don`t flight at peak times or in high season, hand luggage only flights …. Flights with late night arrivals are also often quite cheap. Apart from flights: in Germany you find coach companies like Flixbus or the Pullman in Italy. and Same goes for hotels , private and family run holiday accomodations (I am too old for hostels now, as I really want to sleep at night and don`t want to have a party going on all night long). One advantage we EU citizens have: we usually have health insurance cover for all over Europe without having to extra pay for it. For EU citizens travelling around Europe is not that expensive (unless you want to stay in Negresco/Nice France). When I went to the US I also did not spent that much, as I booked in a hotel which was rather for seasonal workers (right at the beach in Florida) and less for tourists. In fact I was the only tourist there. The other guests did not realize this (we had a Connecticut number plate) and invited me fo BBQs to talk about my job and family in CT;o) …. E.g. from Berlin/Germany you get pretty cheap flights to NY btw. I guess it isny´t much different the other way round … Via Spain you get cheap flights to South America from Europe etc. Even some ferries (Germany – Scandinavia, France – Nothern Africa) have special offers.

  15. Hanif Hossain

    Mam i've watched your many amazing videos. I like your video also too much. But i have one inquire that's may i know which country are you from and your where is your born palace?

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