LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 2.7.16

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 2.7.16
February 7th, 2016


Erik Conover
PO Box 1296
NY, NY 10028

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Shot with:
Canon G7x
GoPro Hero 4 Black

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22 Replies to “LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 2.7.16”

  1. Mandy Mo

    I started crying with you Jessica when you talked about your mother and the future and I agree with you Eric because often I just start filming my family just because I think I want to watch this in 30 years to cherish moments which are everyday life at the moment. I get easily emotional just like Jessica and as we grow older the more we understand, I think, how important good times with our family are!

  2. Livia Masci Berghella

    I found it so cute when erik turned the camera towards himself when jessica started crying so she could have kind of a more private moment

  3. Special K 30

    Ya know not a lot of people were watching the Super Bowl this year. Way too much going on in the sky & people's lives. Robbie was 2 when that Super Bowl aired.

  4. Clara Guzzetti

    Congratulations on the amazing work you guys are doing with the vlog, always inspiring! I know you are going to Costa Rica, I was there a week ago and made this little video about it

    check it out if you can 🙂 Also from Argentina

  5. Madeline Hintz

    You two are some of the most real vloggers on youtube. You are so kind, compassionate and genuine! I feel like I have known you guys all of my life haha. Thank you for your videos, they make my day!! 🙂

  6. wimbletone

    This video just radiates positivity! Just what most of us need!
    Who brought the onions near me? I feel tears coming.

    Not exactly a huge football fan but I did enjoy the half time show! Beyonce and Bruno did it justice, and coldplay was good! BCan't wait for the deadpool and x-men movies to come out though


    The real story of Janet's performance was when Justin grabbed her boob it was suppose to show her red bra. But it got caught on her black part of costume that was gonna be taken away. So when Justin grabbed her boob it ripped the bra to revealing Janet's boob. It was an accident a wardrobe malfunction.
    Wasn't planned poor Janet

  8. caitlin thiede

    Hi Jess and Eric, Just want to say hi and thank you for making videos 🙂 I just moved to Albany, NY from Boston, so it's nice to see we have some things in common. Jess, I felt the same way about the superbowl this year:( Funny though because I was complaining about the pats while living in Boston…but now my Boston pride (arrogance :/) kicked in and I'm all "Go Pats!" My little brother just moved to NYC for college, so I'll definitely visit sometime. Hopefully, I'll happen to bump into you both!

  9. DanceLover14

    I felt so emotional when you were talking about your mum and how nothing lasts forever. I'm only 17 and my dad passed away last week. Everyone should spend lots of time with their parents and make lots of memories with them while they can ❤❤

  10. Xoxo Mich

    I can relate what you said about your grandmother. I now try to take pictures and videos of my parents when I get the chance<3

  11. capturingmoments

    You guys are so lovely, I am loving watching back and catching up. I hope even when you are at one million subs you remain so kind and humble.

  12. sri akula

    Hey guys! i was wondering where it was you guys got breakfast? Looking to go to SOHO sometime soon and i loved this video!!

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