what i eat in a day as a college student (healthy + easy)

i’m back with another what i eat in day! you all seemed to love the last one so i filmed a couple more meals that i eat as a college student that are healthy & easy!
with love,

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44 Replies to “what i eat in a day as a college student (healthy + easy)”

  1. Judi珠珠

    ooh yummy yummy!! omg that grilled cheese!!!! I am in love with those tacos too! Let's just say everything looks sooo DELICIOUS!

  2. LiveLikeRachel

    That grilled cheese looked amazing! I'm also a college student so i'm always looked for quick and easy meals! I actually just uploaded a What I eat in a day also! I'd love for you to check it out!

  3. Kelli Collins

    so i really enjoy this food video way more than your others because you actually had food options i haven’t typically seen! thank you! love you & your positive videos very much! 💛

  4. Jewel Huynh

    I really like how you showed the process of making your food step by step. So helpful! Please do more. 😭

  5. Krystal Tiffer

    My new favorite breakfast is eggs in hell. You put tomato sauce plus extra spices and veggies (I add cumin and spinach) in a saucepan. Once that's heated up, you crack a couple eggs on top and wait for them cook This tastes amazing on toast! <3 Super simple and delicious!

  6. Sofia Adriana

    Girl you are beautiful and I’m so jealous of you having an avocado tree in your backyard 😩 I’m gonna have to recreate that grilled cheese you made bc it looks delicious lol I just uploaded a what I eat in a day on my channel too 💖

  7. Melissa Taschian

    with so much love when i say this but eat more baby girl! not that you are too skinny or anything, but the amount of calories don't look like enough for a beautiful thriving girl like you. I wish you all the very best, but in addition the best of health to you 🙂


    hi super video good job grilled chesse wowooo yummy im in minnesota good luck in college have a good week

  9. vannessa

    Omg these are the best vibesss . I hope you find the love of your life on the beach one day xx love that you try to go to the beach atleast once a day one way or another x

  10. Jessica Higginbotham

    I love the tacos!! I recently started eating meat again and i love that you eat an actual correct portion of chicken which is weird to say but idc its literally so rare. I feel like Americans usually eat an entire chicken for dinner

  11. Awesome Sauce

    bruh, try grinding up some cardamom and adding that along with some stevia, raisins, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds it's frickin awesome, trust me.

  12. gamine

    Why does she eat so little? I mean I could have had at least 2 of these sandwiches plus a salad, same goes for the taco.

  13. Bailey Diamondidis

    The grilled cheese looks SOOO good! Can't wait to try that out in my apartment this upcoming year!

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