Spring Fashion #2

You asked for it, i gave it to you! 🙂 Since you all seem to love my fashion videos, i didn’t hesitate to make another one for you. I really hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below! Which one is your favorite??

First Spring Fashion Video-

Disclaimer: I purchased everything myself:)


37 Replies to “Spring Fashion #2”

  1. T. Said

    I love your vids, youre my favorite beautyguru on youtube!
    I am from the netherlands and i just found your channel a few days! you are beautifull!! 😀

  2. Tess Christine

    @beachchick727 aww thank you so much:) And i have not seen that movie yet, but i want to so bad!! But i will definitely look into doing that look! 🙂 Thanks for the idea <3

  3. breezyautumn

    Hey Tess! I'm new to your videos, thanks to Blair for posting your clean and clear dance thing haha. You are doing so well on your videos! It's so hard to catch the audiences attention, well, MY attention at least, but you have definitely succeeded! I definitely see you as the next Blair Fowler 🙂 Keep them up, I've subscribed!

  4. Ioanna Sidiropoulou

    Hey Tess!!I'm from Greece and I just started watching ur videos!!Your great and u have given me a lot of ideas.It would really mean a lot to me if u could pls upload a video with winter fashion,cause I really need it ;))

    p.s.i'm still in high school so I can't really wear heels…:((
    thanks anyway and keep uploading such amazing videos<3

  5. Maja Kravanja

    I think you are having enough of me asking this questions 😀 but I just have to ask you-what size are you in american eagle shorts? They just look so great, just what I've been looking for so I decided I'll order it 🙂 The problem is beacuse I can't try them on cause I'm form Europe 🙂 Thank you really much.
    p.s.: I watched all of your videos like 3 times or more since last year…you have great faashion sense and you are really pretty 🙂

  6. lenihrch96

    One thing i love the most about youtube is that you've got the opputunity to get to know other people and their lifestyle 🙂 i think that's really interesting and exciting! keep on doing this awesome videos, greets from germany xx

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